Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mission Letter Week 33 - 03 March 2014

Well, the computers that are up and running here right now either do not have SD card slots for my pics or they are broken. Gotta love it. So sadly, no pics. BUUUTTT, Sister V. got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday!! WOOT WOOT! Not only that but her husband even went to the baptism and then, after telling everyone, even us, that he had to work on Sunday and so he wouldn't be there for her confirmation....and then clocked out early and showed up at Sacrament Meeting!! YEAH! IT WAS AWESOME! WE WERE SO HAPPY TO SEE HIM THERE! He was in such a happy mood too. He has come SO FAR and has already felt the good changes that have come from the gospel being in that home! :D It was spectacular.

FYI, I will doing snail-mail on regular basis now and will only use email time to put pics and vids on Drop Box and any info that has to get to you asap or that I left out by accident in a letter or that happens between my last letter and when I yeah. :D

This week has been good but still really bumpy. We had a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR here and it flooded a lot of the roads so a lot of appointments fell through and things have been going really slow because we are covering two areas with one tripanionship...yep. Good times. :D We are sad to split up the three amigos though (yes, we do the dance thing that they do in the movie XD) we have a GREAT TIME and it’s been a blast...but all good things must come to an end unfortunately. :(

I am sorry there are no pictures this time. I actually have some too! :( I'll make sure they get to you next Monday!

So the purpose of the title of this email (A Rainy Day In P Town (titled inspired by Michael Bublé)) is two fold. It rained cats and dogs this week, and Elder J is leaving. :( It is a sad end to a transfer indeed. When we got our calls for transfers, it started to rain and we all got super sad...but then we got out in the rain and screamed and danced.....bitter sweet situation. :P

Anyways the rest is in that letter so I hope you get it soon. :D

I love doing this crazy stuff. Being a missionary is the coolest, full time job on the PLANET. Our mission has a goal of 50 or more baptisms in March and we are going to BLOW IT OUT OF THE WATER! It will be much God! :) Bearing testimony all the time is the best, most important, and most beneficial thing we can ever do. For us, and for others. Bear testimony of the simple, pure doctrine of Christ. You'll be happy you did....for all eternity! WOOT!

Love you guys! I'll be here for a little bit so if you wanna ask any questions or talk I’m here...see ya!


On another topic, it’s funny to look back and realize how STUPID I was with my time and actions. There is so much we can do, just in a day, a week, or a month and many people, me having been one of them, just threw that gift of time out the window. DUMB. I wish I could go back and fill in all the huge gaps of time I wasted with productive things. BLARGH…

That time realization warms my heart. You may have felt my anxiety over you regarding that in the past (hopefully not too bad though).

But, as long as you learn the lesson, I am happy. I would have sold half my farm to help you learn such a lesson. As you have learned that on your own, how great has been my joy.

Well played, good Sir, well played...and taught. And exemplified...if that's how you use that word. DERP. I love you Braky, and you mama, and you Emily. Thank you for being my family :D

Man-lump...and allergies (not tears).

No tears. still good to go. Love you guys! Sorry this was a short one but I did send a letter in the mail too! :D

Oh, and....I am doing GREAT! My knee and back are doing very well and Bro. P has been doing wonders for my knee. I got a knee brace today and still have to get an ankle weight for my exercises. I am staying this transfer but Elder J is leaving. F is staying too and getting a new comp. I have to stop there and run now. SORRY!! I really do love you! :D Send me a long letter this week and I'll reply in kind!  LOVE YOU BYE!

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