Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mission Letter Week 35 - 17 March 2014

Happy Birthday to me!!

Woot Woot! Holy surprise party, too! THAT MADE MY YEAR!! I HAD NO CLUE THAT PARTY WAS GONNA HAPPEN! Sister M is VERY tricky! She asked if we could come over Monday night to talk about AV, whom she knows and the rest of the family, and how she can help out and stuff….so I walk in and BAM! "HAAAPPPYYYY BIRTHDAAAYYYY!!!!"

 YEEEHAAWWW! That was a great night haha. Yes! There were balloons, cake and the whole event was just fantastic! So Mama, WELL PLAYED!! XD AND THANK YOU! (and that goes for Sisters M and H too!)

Emily! You got to play Wink 'em!!! That game is WAY FUN! :D One of my favorites too haha. And it sounds like YW is going really well too! Personal Progress is super awesome! I never got to do it, obviously, but along with the Duty to God for the YM, the youth programs in the church are SO GOOD! I'm glad you are having a good time with it all. :)

WOW. That testimony is awesome, Emily. Amazing. More powerful than what a lot of people feel. Keep that light and that fire burning deep inside and let it help you make the right choices! That's how we get super happy. :) Sorry my reply is so short, I have little time and a whole lot to talk about and am going to try to get it all in the email lol. Love you! <3 Keep being awesome and we'll talk more next week!


I DID get two packages from the L's! It had stuff from Silly String and Bubbles to brownies and Nutella!! WOOP!! I am SURE I gained 10 pounds in the last few days from all that. XD "Thank you!" to the Lewis'!

As for the files for Drop Box, yes I will do that from now on…..but none this week 'cuz my camera is still dead .__. I might need a new cable…. Sorry I can't keep track of it. XP

DID I LIKE THE PARTY!!?!?!?! WAS I EMBARRASSED?!?!?! PSSHHH, you know me better than that!! It takes a WHOLE lot more than something like that to embarrass me. XD It was FANTASTIC! Made my whole year! Thank you  again!!! I knew all the members there, like the Ms, the Ls, the Hs, some of the YSA's from our ward, the V family. So it was GREAT!! :DDD You hope it made it "a little special"? I'm a missionary!! BEST GIFT EVER! It was a blast! :D Really it was! Thanks! <3

Today we did our laundry, went grocery shopping and are now emailing, then we will go play basketball, and then spend birthday monies. :3

Elder P and I are getting along a-okay. He has a good heart and loves to work! haha. In all honesty, I have been spoiled with my comps thus far. They have all been obedient and hard working and mostly easy to get along with…which leads me to the assumption that I will have a terrible comp next transfer and be called as District Leader………better not happen! haha. Leadership is not a glorious thing out here. "District Leader" and "Zone Leader" and "Assistant to the President" are basically titles for "I deal with people's crap", "I deal with a lot of people's crap" and "I deal with every body's crap"…. So not a fun thing… but a real necessity.  It makes missions a possibility.

Elder O has been transferred so I can't get his email…. It was a sad day to see him leave :( He is MUCH loved by EVERYONE! OH! And just a cool tidbit, he is from Tuskegee, Alabama!

I will remember …. the Alamo…..dangitsorry. XD (Mom Note: this was in reply to Mom's request that he remember to let people know when he takes photos that they likely will end up online, and if they don't want that, then let him know.)

I loved the email about dinner and the K's! It was SO good to see them again!

I couldn't see the vids of daddy 'cuz these demo computers don't let me apparently…. stupid sport….

I also forgot to bring my notes today so I don't remember everything I was going to write about but I will write it in a letter and mail it tomorrow morning. :D 

With that, I will bid thee adieu, as Jacob of old (in the Book of Mormon) and send my love your way! Love you guys! Have an EPIC week, make it AWESOME! gotta bounce!


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