Monday, March 24, 2014

Mission Letter Week 36 - 24 March 2014

“General Conference And The Realization That I Have Been Out A While And That This Is A Stupid Sport And Missionary Should Be A Lifetime Calling”

So yeah. The title. Stupid sport. It has been 8 months as of TODAY. And I'm not even the one who figured it out. I had to be told. Don't even talk to me about the year mark. This is going way too fast and I'm already feeling the speed pick up more!

But anyways, this week has been GREAT! And Elder P and I are doing FAMOUSLY. If we aren't talking or praying...we are singing. XD We were actually teaching a less active sister the other day about the power of prayer and sang "Did You Think To Pray?" and it was AWESOME! She even recorded us on her phone and made it her ringtone. XD Mucho goodness!

HOW AM I TODAY?!?!?!?! FAN-FREAKIN-SWELL!....yep. Just did that. We have seen the V family come SO far! I am convinced that the reason I was not here earlier was so that I wouldn't see them where Elder W started to teach them from, because I would have probably been "satisfied" with that amount of progress......not that I would stop working with them, but wouldn't be as bold...boldness works. People don't even get offended by it! [like we’re afraid so many times they might be] They just think, “Oh, they're serious about this stuff!”

BUT! We ran into a "potential investigator" by the name of C and he is SUPER interested and really wants to hear what we have to say! We've only met with him once, but he seems really solid so we have prayed that we will have another good opportunity to really sit down and talk about things. :D WOOHOO! The hardest thing as a missionary is just finding new people to teach. Everything else will work itself out with help from God, but finding new people is the tough one.

N is doing better and has learned a lot lately. We have started to teach RJ and he is going to start praying every night before bed now! He is 11 years old and pretty hyper so sometimes he gets distracted by little things but we have managed to ‘reel’ him in now. :D Teaching this family is like teaching 6 different families in regard to how far apart they are in their relationships toward and in their understanding of the gospel, and the speed with which they pick up on it... But everyone at their own pace, right? We're all like that.

As for the CD you sent in my package with they are AWESOME! The General Conference and Another Testament CDs I assume is what you are talking about...and they are great!!! Who is Afterglow though?? I have listened to the CD with them on there but don't know which ones they are?? Also, for future reference and if you can please, if you could keep albums on separate CDs it would make it easier to play them and know what is on them haha. If you can. :)

THE POCKET UNICORN IS AWESOME!! I have successfully driven Elder P insane with it! XD I keep it with me most of the time! hahahahahaha! THANK YOU FOR THAT! :D

That was not me in the photo you sent, I think I talked about that in the letter I wrote to you...hopefully you get that soon haha. That is Elder H and it was taken in south B I believe so there is no way it was me. lol. Though I HAVE lost weight and I am trying to hide it in the pics I send so you'll get the full experience when I return at approximately 220lbs....which BTW is very low body fat...I tested my self at the BMI tester at Albertson’s and I have around 208 lbs of LEAN MASS. Muscle, water, bone, that stuff. YUH. haha! So I still have a long ways to go but I have set monthly goals to get to that point and I am well on my way. XD

Yes, I do like the stuff that you send about what A said, it actually helps a lot. :)

It's true, about the leadership positions though. It’s just a title for dealing with people’s crap and levels and amounts of dung that you receive on a day-to-day basis. I am in the BEST spot for a missionary. No leadership position, on a bike, doing MISSIONARY WORK.

That is very sad to hear about C’s father passing...I didn't know the man but I know it is sad and painful when these things happen. I will pray for the family!

PACKAGES!!!! WOOPWOOP!!!! I will follow your instructions! As soon as I get that cable to charge the camera, the picture mayhem will proceed.....mwahahahahaha.....sorry....

That RM FB Group sounds pretty cool! I shall try to spread the good word. haha :P

YES! I got to help Bro M restore a bike from the late 80s! It's a pretty nice ride too! :D And in really good shape! I guess I kinda have become the mechanic around here as well as the hair-cutter. Elder W left behind his hair clippers and I have successfully taught myself how to cut hair...even with scissors! I can give a mean fade-up.... :D Maybe I'll be a hairdresser when I get home...or, you know, maybe I'll just be straight...who knows... XD haha

OOO! I don't know if a Sister B has sent you any pictures yet but I got to use a chainsaw and trim her trees down a few weeks ago, when Elder J was still here. :D IT WAS AWESOME and very manly...I got up in my jeans and cowboy boots and started monkeyin' 'round, as King Louie puts it, in The Jungle Book. :D MOST glorious. Bro B is less active too, so it totally counts as service and missionary work!! WOOT WOOT! Chainsaws and missionaries...that should be a regular thing...

Brak, I shouldn't need a charging brick, assuming that that is the USB wall adapter, as I brought one of the Griffin/Apple ones with me. :D I brain goodly on dat one.

Great pics!! XD Emily is WAY growing up and it is NOT okay!

I love you guys! Being out here has taught me so many things that I don't even know if there are words for. It has just changed who I am inside. Indescribable. But Glorious!

Well, I gotta run now. This is literally the time of my life right now and it is fantastic! Thank you for helping to get me here! I couldn't have done it without you and wouldn't have wanted to anyways!

Love you! BYE!

~ Elder 9

DAD:  Braaaak


DAD: 208 of lean awesomeness…and the rest is BACON.  CHAINSAW. My boy. Sweetness.

ELDER 9: HECK YEAH ITS BACON!! XD Yep. Got to use a chainsaw… I can’t get away from them…. then again, I guess you can’t get away from anything you go looking for :3

DAD:  The Lord prepared you all the days of your youth to be the Elder you are now. That is what you feel now. The fulfillment of your potential. The approval from on high.

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