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Mission Letter Week 33B - 07 March 2014 (Handwritten)

Mission Letter Week 33B_2014-03-07 (Handwritten)

Hello Family!

Mama, GREAT IDEA!  I am going to start writing snail-mail more often! I my or may not send 2 or 3 in a week depending on how long and detailed they are. I will date them the day I start them at the beginning and if the date I finish is different I will write that at the end. :D

So sad news, AV will not be getting baptized YET. She, or rather we, realized an unforeseen issue and we need to help her with that first.  But S, the mother, is still going strong.  I am sitting in the foyer in our church building right  now while S is in a second interview with Pres. A, Second Counselor to  President W and then she is good to go! :D

My back is doing great, I haven’t had any real issues with it. My knee is doing a LOT better since I’ve been going to see Bro/Dr P. :D  I love CHIROPRACTORS! Woot, Woot, Yeah!

But overall, physically, I am doing dandy. :D  I’m fairly mentally, emotionally, and spiritually wiped out, just from the work. I understand now a little better what Joseph Smith went through when he was physically exhausted due to spiritual exertion. Not quite on the same level though…

Funny story! Elders F, J, and I, in the car (Ford Fusion, since Elder F and Elder A had it…) we were joking around on the way back to the pad (apartment) and we were talking about how a brother in the ward would make a great fellowshipper for an inactive member and got talking about bromances and Elder F says: “Hey, he could just bromance flirt-to-convert!”…. needless to say, we lost it! XD  Yay for bromances! Haha!

Oh, by the way, part of the reason we have not had much time to email is because the Best Buy we email @, or rather the network there, has determined to be a “phishing” website, which it’s not. But it’s California, the state of “you can’t” sooo, DUMB SPORT. So this Monday, March 3rd, we are going to try to figure out where to email… I hope this letter gets to you by Monday… but it probably won’t…

So I met the CUTEST girl EVER… little 2 yr old KV! :D  SO flippin’ adorable!!  She loves the missionaries too!  We love going over, even just to see K. :)

I think Alma 34 might be the coolest chapter in the Book of Mormon.  Amulek goes crazy testifying of the Atonement. SUPER powerful!  I read it this morning and I think it’s probably one of the most important chapters in the scriptures. Personal opinion of course.

This last week or two have taught me a lot about patience.  Reading scriptures about faith, endurance, and strength have helped a lot. Reading Holy Scriptures and Praying with great faith gives me very literal physical strength. It’s a blessing of the Spirit, I’m convinced.
...... (paused)

There have been countless times when I have felt “done” for the day, and I’ll read some scritpures, and I’m up and rarin’ to go!  It works.  Really and truly! :)

BTDubs.  S passed her second interview and is GOOD!!  WOOP!  AANNDD, her husband, R, has had some kind of softening of his heart because apparently he told her last night that he wants to be at her baptism to support her!  So we moved the time so he can attend.  By the time you get this letter she will be both baptized AND confirmed!! :D

EMILY!  I loved the card that you made for me! :)  I saved it special, in my “transfer journal”. Thank you!  How has Young Women’s been going?  I can NOT believe, STILL, that you are a “Beehive”! Di you know that AV, is also 12 yr old and is even doing Personal Progress? (the Church’s program for young women ages 12-18)  She’s not even a member yet! :P  She’s a little on the crazy side…but so are you! ;)  I think you two would get along FAMOUSLY.  Have you done Personal Progress at all?  If so, what have you done and how is it going?

Guys!  It RAINED TODAY!  REAL RAIN!  WOOHOO!!!!!!!  We haven’t had rain since I’ve been out on my mission. I MISSED the rain.  We hardy ever get any and then it’s only sprinkles.  Today it POURED and flash flooded everywhere. It was MOST glorious! :D

So just a fun note for the day, I’m a huge fan of long sleeved shirts over short.  Why? Classy.  And in the summer they are actually nicer too. Keeps me cooler… and classy. :)  Just sayin’…

I love what I am doing here in P. What Elder Y, my good friend, said is very true. We are working with people. Our brothers and sisters. It is vital that they feel our love. We all have important roles to play. I’m loving the role I have now.  We get to share the greatest message of hope, peace, and love that has ever been. As the Missionary Handbook says, “how great is [my] calling!”  The Atonement is for and because of EVERYONE.  It’s only right that they get a chance to know that, in the absolute fullest.  It takes a step of faith to believe it all, but if one is to truly understand it all, one would realize there truly is NOTHING to lose, and only the eternities to gain by studying it out and praying in faith to know “by the power of the Holy Ghost. And by the power of the Holy Ghost [we] may know the truth of all things.”  Sounds good to me.

On a simpler but different topic, something I noticed the other day is, we sometimes do the same thing as those of other faiths when they try to share their testimony and faith with us.  We tend to turn them away and say “I am okay, I am strong in my faith.” NO! Don’t be STUPID! When someone does this, LISTEN, care about what they have to say, and even, if appropriate at the time, pray with them to ask God if what they say is good and just.  Don’t brush people off.  Listen. Absorb, observe, and then even share back your own testimony.  Show that we desire to live as Christ did. That we strive to love as He did. Don’t be jerks. :)  Make sense?  Awesome… now do it!  And this goes for everybody reading this letter!

On yet another note, apparently Airsoft guns are OK, as long as they are not owned by the missionary, ‘cuz President said we can go airsofting with ML. (in pics I sent.)  So hopefully this Monday we’ll get to! Woop!  Speaking of next week, Tuesday, March 4th is Transfer Day… but I’m thinking I’m going to stay… We’ll see!  I hope I stay because there is good work going on here.

I’m staying!!  Got transfer calls today (Mar 1st.)  Elder J is leaving and we’ll know on Tuesday where he’s going.

I’m gonna finish this letter now and get it in the mail.

Love you guys!  I’ll be sending another letter soon!  If I can email on Monday, I’ll write some more but I’ll probably just do what you suggested, Mama, and just put pics and vids on Drop Box and any last minute thoughts I have. So from now on, letters are the way I’m going now! :D

Love you guys! Talk to ya later!

Elder 9  (3/1/2014)

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