Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mission Letter Week 34 - 10 March 2014

The title (Oi Familia!) is in Portuguese.


So first off, my new comp is Elder P! He is another visa-waiter for Brazil and he is AWESOME! We have been doing some great work this week together! AV is back on track to get baptized and we'll be setting a date this week with her so she can start getting ready again! :D

To answer your questions about music: YES I LOVE the music you sent me and YES I WOULD LOVE some more! :D I picked up a free CD carry-case for 120 or more CD’s from another missionary who didn't need it any more so I got plenty of room now. XD

YEAH! I’m so glad that DR is doing better! WOOT WOOT! That’s what I'm talkin' ‘bout! He is a champion among heroes! :D I am VERY happy for him and his family!

I know Elder H (S’s new comp), M (a real in basketball), H ( one of the district leaders in our zone),  and B…  he is with Elder J now…


We haven't had much opportunity for service lately but if we do I'll take pics! My camera died though and I can't find my cable. Again, stupid sport. But I have a few pics today to upload to Drop Box!

The members here are EPIC!! They feed us all the time and even come up to US and ask to do missionary stuff! WUDDUP! So yeah. Members are great here. :D

The V family is doing great and the father, R, is still having his heart softened so that is very good! And like I mentioned, A is back on track to getting baptized! We decided to work with one family member at a time, so we can focus on each individual need, as it’s like teaching a million different people otherwise. lol!

The R family is good but we haven't been in contact with them in a while. I think it’s because he hasn't read his scriptures that he was supposed to and he doesn't want to say that.....oi.

I'll send the [Christmas] stocking either today or next Monday, I promise. haha

I can’t tell you how much I would love a cake right now...but I'm going to have to turn it down. We have very little time PLUS I’m trying eat as little sweets and such as possible these has been paying off too! Punched another hole in belt this morning! XD

(Elder 9 had no idea that a surprise celebration for his 20th birthday this same night was already planned by his mom and to wonderful ladies that live in P. heehee!)

Going back to talking about what happened with Elder A, or rather, what I have learned from it is, deep doctrine is not stuff about Kolob and things like that, but rather items like Faith, Repentance, etc.. If we were to truly study these things out in our minds and hearts we would find there is no end to learning about them. When we start going into pointless topics that do not pertain to our eternal salvation, or that are about the history of the church or other things like that, I like to call that shallow, or fringe doctrine.

Another thing that popped into my mind is something I thought of when I was reading about how you guys really like to experience my mission through letters and pictures and stuff. I think it is awesome that you guys are getting involved with missionary work more and working with the Elders in the ward and getting into it. My only encouragement is that you let that excitement from experiencing my mission evolve into making your own mission as well and let the spirit of the work take over so that when I get home, you are still all over it! That's a lesson I, too, am learning so when I get home I won't just drop the ball.  My mission is a good training group but the real work begins when I get home. With my family that I'll have, the friends I will make, the people I will build relationships with, and there is a continual growth, that MUST keep going in my heart, of the gospel.

When we let the gospel of Jesus Christ, namely Faith in Christ, Repentance, and a reliance on our Savior, effect our lives and change our hearts we will have a natural desire to share if we are doing it right, all we have to do is be friends with people and love them and it'll work itself in there!
Okay I am going to put those pics on Drop Box now! Love you guys! Hope your week is EPIC! BYE!

~ Elder 9


Okay the pics of the little girl are pics of KV. :D SUPER CUTE! The other pic is of the RAIN STORM we had :D, which only happens every few years ...... The video I put on is Elder O getting tickled. XDDDD GOOOD TIIMMEESS!

Gotta run guys! Love you!

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