Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mission Letter Week 34B - 11 March 2014

Helloooo Family!

AHHHHHHHHH!! I am writing this letter late at night (late being 9:45pm…) on my 20th birthday after one of the worst and best days of my mission as of yet … opposition in all things, right? OK, worst stuff first. STORY TIME!  (Private BTW, Not for public viewing)


BUT, then comes the best part, and this is not a private note.  For dinner we went to the J’s family.  Sister J has probably already sent a pic to you, over text, of the four of us on their couch, with me holding a DRAGON PISTOL. SO COOL!  And Elder P, Elder F and Elder M, left to right. The entire time we were talking about antique guns and all that jazz, for about an hour!  The Lord knew I needed a break from what had just happened at the (...).  He did well. XD  Brother J is HYSTERICAL, and also a recent convert! He’s good enough of a shot that he can take and M1 Garand and fire at a target, with only iron sights that is a MILE away, and hit AT LEAST three out of twenty rounds on a ten-inch target. YIKES. The man is PRO!! :D So that really helped make me feel happier tonight. GUNS!! :D

Anyways, time for bed, but I just want to say how grateful I am for having been raised with the Gospel and how much of a difference it can make in our lives.  God’s Plan of Redemption really does bring peace, love, and joy into a home.  So, THANK YOU, for doing it right!! :)  Love you guys!

OH!!!!  THANK YOU for the surprise PARTY!!!! WOOT!  I am sure you have seen the pics and vids of it by now. IT MADE MY WEEK!! WOOP! The Ls were there, the Hs, the Ms, some of the V’s and others.  IT WAS EPIC!

AND, Emily!  Thank you for those drawings you sent me.  They are INSANELY AMAZING! I have them on my wall in front of my study desk so I can see them EVERY DAY! I LOVE YOU! Thank you!!!!!! :D :D :D  We really ARE brother and sister FOREVER. In fact, for time and all eternity, you’re stuck with me! :D

Thank you all guys! Mama, I love you soooo MUCH and am in DESPERATE need of you back-scratching skills. Daggummit!  THANK YOU again!

Daddy, I love you too!  Thank you for being a support for me and an example of what it is to be a real man. Few males truly understand what that takes…especially in California…Yikes.

Thank you, all!  Love you guys a ton!  Gotta sleep now!  Night.


Elder 9

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