Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mission Letter Week 50 - 30 June 2014

Hi Guys!!

Wow has this week been awesome or what. We found 12 new friends this week to teach and work with!! Some of them are family and some just individuals. One lady, Amanda, was a particularly good experience. We were teaching her the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and she just soaked it all in like she wouldn't be able to breath afterwards! She really tried to take it all in and try to understand it. It was wonderful to see someone feel the importance of the gospel that much. She doesn't have much of a background in religion but wants her kids to start going to church (young kids) and her mother was there too when we were teaching and she asked us to come by and talk with her as well! Amanda's boyfriend, Brandon, who lives with her, may be interested as well. He's a super cool, nice guy! Amanda also referred us over to her neighbor as she is having a tough time lately with her family and she may need support, Amanda said. There are many other stories of how we found these other investigators/friends, but to abbreviate...I shall move on… :P

Right now our focus for getting the members involved is getting them to have a family mission plan in their home...I think we might slip in the ‘Willing and Brief’ in our lessons with members though, to help them out. I remember when that started back home and I thought it was a great idea! It's been a little tough getting things together, but it is starting to come together now and we are very excited to see the many miracles that await us! (meaning the whole ward)

For the shoe question, when I was in Palmdale I went to Burlington Coat Factory and got a couple of ties for like, $4 each, but they were really nice name-brand ones like Sean Jean and stuff (because Burlington is cool like that) and I also got a pair of Steve Madden shoes, the ones I wear to meetings and sometimes church. :P They are quite pointy....and shnazzy! On a daily basis, however, I wear my Doc's! :D Although they are getting really bald! Haha. They’re still sturdy though!

For shirts I think I'm okay for now. Maybe one or two more when I'm in a car area and they won’t get as nasty, but for now I'm okay. :) It's easier to pack light… although some light colored slacks for the 110 degree weather wouldn't hurt… but I'm not picky...

This transfer, above all other transfers, I have learned the importance of seeing people's true potential, to be the best they can be. We should really work to see everyone with the "salvation mindset" as Elder Peterson put it for me - Which means to see everyone as the best they can be, and do EVERYTHING for the eternal betterment of myself and all those around me. It's tough, but it pays off. The hardest thing, as with all things spiritual, is staying focused. The adversary tries VERY hard to distract us and we often fall for it. We must stay focused, because we don’t have time to waste. These are the last days, and it is time to get to work!
Yowza! Girls Camp looks and sounds like it was a blast!! Emily tell me all about it!! Well, I guess you will in the snail mail won’t you? Haha! Look at me being impatient! :P Who are the R's again? Next door neighbors? That’s cool they’ve been coming to church!! Fantastic even! Keep up the missionary work!

Emi, I hope you had a really good time at Girls Camp and learned a bunch. :) LOVE YOU LOTS!

WOW. Brother Phillips. I love that man. I still remember those times when he would come up to the Teachers and Priests and ask if we could go with him to visit people at the retirement home. Good times. I always enjoyed helping with that, to help those good people receive the Sacrament! I thank the Lord for great people like Brother Phillips, and I thank good people like Brother Phillips for helping my family, too. I will definitely write him a letter. :)

Time for me to go now! I love you guys! I'll be on for a few more min and then I gotta run. BYEEE!

- Elder 9

PHOTOS:  I received the following photos from very thoughtful people who live in the Bakersfield Mission and in Elder Nine's Ward at church.  Always a "treat right on time" for this Mama! ;)

Love my goofball!
He's sporting "new" blue glasses from the Ward's "Lost-n-Found"!

And it's always "Fun Time" when swords are involved!

These are real swords, and the one he's  holding in the top, middle picture is a replica of the Lord Of The Rings sword!

Notice the one behind him hanging over the fireplace.

Hey, missionaries get a few minutes of down time too! ;)

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