Monday, July 21, 2014

Mission Letter Week 53 - 21 July 2014

First to my dear Brak...I mean father... eh, same difference.  :) That is fantastic to hear about the good things you've been able to do with the C. family. I really really hope that G's heart will be softened as well...I know service is definitely one of the BEST ways for that change to come about; that’s why I try to do service ALL THE TIME! When you can help someone out of the kindness of your heart and work along side them, few things touch a person’s heart like that. Keep me posted on how they are doing!

That’s sad to hear about Brother A. though. He is a champion and it's no fun to hear about his pains and struggles. :( I will pray for him that he heals well! Thanks for that update as well. (And Mama.)


I forgot to bring the letters with me to emails so I will be going off of memory today… hope I get it all in...I got Emily's first then yours; and I wanna start by saying EMILY YOU AND I ARE GOING TO SEE LINDSEY LIVE WHEN I GET the first week I'm back if she’s in town...fasho. We goin'. And then I'll REALLY ask her to marry me and she'll be your sister-in-law! :D I thought it was cool that the Pratts were there too, they are very nice people. :)

YOWZA does Girls Camp sound like it was a blast! I think the Secret Sister activity you did was cool too - Lots of fun and lots of friends! Always a good time with that! Sounds like you learned a lot of good stuff while you were there and had a grand ol’ time! I’m glad! :)

Okay, soooo about my new area here in Bakersfield...there were some missionaries that didn't update the area book at all in three months. No teaching records, no updates, not even a hint of some notes left behind!  But we have found out, through the members mostly, that we have some investigators, like N., D. (whose spouse is a semi-active member) S., R. and J. ... that we know of... and we have no idea what they’ve been taught so we have to ask them and figure out what they remember and write-out teaching records for them... I am less than pleased with that but it feels good to fill it out at least. :) Lots of work and lots of miracles. It’s been good so far. Elder Ray and I have been getting along famously! We stayed up a little late last night because we were laughing up a storm! XD It was hilarious!!

As for baptisms though, nobody has a date set that they can meet, because they haven’t been coming to church! So we are going to focus on that while helping them to set a new goal for a baptismal date. :) These are good people we are talking with and they seem to really want to do this, to make these sacred covenants and receive all the blessings that are promised! The biggest part is just figuring out where they are at and going from there.

I am Jr. companion again. :) Yay! It's actually nice being Jr...though in a regular companionship it doesn’t really make a difference...the only time it makes a difference is when one is a leader...and we are not...

My District Leader is ELDER FLINT!!!! WOOOOOO!!!! It’s been great. :D haha! I have literally been around Elder Flint all but two transfers my WHOLE mission! We are happy about this. Mucho happiness. My Zone Leaders are Elders Monzon and Geren.  Monzon and I came out together and were even in the same travel group together from the MTC so we already know each other fairly well.

Car-share basically means we get the car for 3.5 days and then we switch and Elder Hjorth and Elder Harper get it for 3.5 days. It's nice, but I wish I was either just bike or just lazy side says I want a car and my skinny side says bike, haha. But it’s fun and it shakes things up a bit.

I’ve been doing well. One of the members, J., who’s a fairly recent RM comes out with us a lot and he's been helping me get out of a rut that I’ve been in for a few months now. Just habits and routines in teaching and finding that have gotten "monotoned" in a way I guess. He just gives a lot of good pointers and it’s kinda been waking me back up. So I'm re-vamped to get-up-and-go! Other than that everything is actually going very nicely. Just getting to know the area and the people more.

I gotta run now. I love you guys! Have a swell week, and remember to be on the Lord's side, not your side, at all times!

~ Elder 9

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