Monday, August 4, 2014

Mission Letter Week 54 - 28 July 2014

Well, this week ended really well! A random gentleman walked into church and sat down for church! His name is L and we are going to be teaching him tonight! It’s pretty amazing the way the Lord blesses His servants when they work off. :D So we are excited...and another cool thing about that situation is that a member in the ward, Brother L, a champion, made friends with him right away and did all the hard work!! WOO!! MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK!

Soooooo, yes I forgot the letters again...foolish me...and I have no email from you soooo I’mma just wing this. :)

One of the greatest things I have learned with Elder Ray this transfer so far has been that we need to be ourselves. Still be obedient and work hard, but use our personalities to bolster the work! We are called for our time AND talents! So we need to use them. :) I have always considered myself a very outgoing guy, but when you live in a constant state of "awkward" it can get really easy to just want to keep to yourself after a while. :P So, for my year-mark goal, I have promised myself I'm going to work more on being bold and outgoing and having a REALLY good attitude, better than I have the last year. :) It'll be fun, haha.

Speaking of year-mark….IT’S HUMP DAYYYYY!!!! Well...sort of. THANK YOU for the package!! We DESTROYED those cookies...they didn’t last 24 hours! XD And the purple tie, and the hump day tie, and the cool snacks that are AMAZING, and the TONS OF AWESOME MUSIC! I love the classical you sent!! :D :D :D And all the other stuff too! I haven’t had a chance to go through all of it yet but I will. >:) So that was a huge highlight, too! AND, EMILY, THANK YOU for the amazingly incredible pictures you drew! I love them soooo much! :))) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Well that’s about it I guess...Love you guys bunches! I'll put some pics on Dropbox for ya!

~ Elder 9

(Mom’s note: When Bob read Elder Nine hadn’t gotten our email, he forwarded the family email to him, which had accidentally been sent to his home email by the auto-fill. So once Elder Nine read that, he relied again):

The adults? Getting hushed? I would say something snarky like "How does it feel to be hushed" but that would be far too rude. ;) Sounds like a lot of fun though! Good to hear about J too. As crazy as he can be, he is great young man and comes from a spectacular family. :) He'll get there, and when he does, it’ll be AWESOME.

Emi, you goin to da temple! :D I love temple trips. They are fun, exciting, and also very calming and help to remind us of what is truly the most important in this life. :) I’m glad you get to go!

Mama, yes I got the package and everything came through very nicely! :D I LOVED wearing the hump day tie it was quite the deal at District Meeting that Friday. XD And the purple tie is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! And microfiber >:) I loved everything. The drawings, the journals, EVERYTHING! :D Thank you so much for that!!!

My thoughts on my purpose in Ridgecrest are that, quite simply, I feel I have a particular purpose in every area to help certain people and as soon as that is done, I’m out of there...because that is what has been happening my whole mission. :P It’s cool and moving to know that God is that aware of what goes on.

As for how "cleanliness, organization and book-keeping" are going here, it is a slow but sure process, that gets better day by day...with that I move on so I don’t get upset....

Yes, I have always been Jr companion, except with Elder Snyder. :)

And, yes, that was Elder Campbell!! Good to see him again!

It’s a nice enough part of town here. It’s middle-class, but there are always sketchy people walking around...the other Elders, Hjorth and Harper, have the ghetto part of the ward...dang it...hahaha I wanna serve in a ghetto one of these days! But yeah, it’s a nice place. We live next to a Hindu Temple, too. :D

Yes, we have our own washer and dryer.......??

President Wilson seems to like how I’ve been doing.

SISTER REBER IS GOING TO ROME. I FLIPPED. That is soooo cool for her! Tell her congrats a million times over for me! :DDDD And Sister B did tell me about actually seemed like she was getting kind of nervous or concerned about serving so I wrote her a letter a while back...I hope it helped out in some way :) Sis B said it did so I trust that! (They are both superheroes btw! :) )

Our investigators....have actually kind of been slacking lately...we are trying to get a fire under them but they don’t seem to have a we may drop some if that doesn’t change :(  But L, who I told you about, seems FANTASTIC! We are so excited to start teaching him! It’s going to be great :)

I am getting more and more out of my rut these days and it feels good. There is new energy to be found and many miracles awaiting!

Elder Ray:
-sexy (by his request)
-kind of humble :P
-mean, and a jerk (haha)

Okay gotta run, hope that did a good job. :) I'll write a letter today or tomorrow! BYE

~ Elder 9

PHOTOS:  I get the impression I begged for photos so much that right before running out the door to go email, Elder Nine remembered he promised to send photos, so he quickly snapped these before leaving! lol!  I'll take what I can get! haha!

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