Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mission Letter Week 57 - 18 Aug 2014

Okay, so, I want to comment on everything but there is zero time. Sorry! Since tomorrow is transfers (me and Elder Ray are staying, so is Harper but Hjorth is leaving.) So a bunch of other missionaries are emailing here today so this will be a short one today :P  I’ll try to do make-up work either in snail mail or next Monday. I haven’t checked mail in a few days so I didn’t get the letter till today either. :P


WOW. I want to swim in a lake SO BAD right now...can we go when I get back? :D hahaha. Man, looks like a lot of fun there.


That’s a funny story about the fun song you guys chose and Bro. B. XD Boys are just like that. :P Sad to hear that Elder Hudson is leaving though. I know what it’s like to see good missionaries leave. It’s no fun, but it’s a good thing!

Mama, E's baptism was great! Got it right on the first dunk and everything! :D He has been confirmed and is now the newest member of our ward! He is very happy and very excited! His family doesn’t seem to have any interest but we will keep being nice to them. haha :P It was my first time to baptize but not to confirm. I confirmed R and S as well. :P

L and T cannot set a date for baptism right now due to a few other things ... so it’ll be a while but they are going to keep coming to church! :D J is on track to set a baptismal date soon and is taking the lessons solidly...she just “doesn't feel ready" for a date yet she says… so we will keep working with her and encouraging/teaching her along the way. :)

The E family we taught this week and gave the parents blessings after the lesson of the Plan of Salvation...We have high hopes for them and just need to keep meeting with them.

Heard about Robin Williams...sad to see such a funny man go. :(

Snail mail stuff:

I think I’m a 43 or 42 waist and I’m a 32 length… I think. Light colors are a good thing. Light gray, just about as light as you can find, and khaki-colored slacks (note the emphasis on them not being just "khakis".) Although I think more urgently, I need a pair of jeans...the pair I brought with me I can literally fold 3.5 inches of fabric over on the waist... :D

I'm good on belts. :)

Yes, I would love some replacements if you can mange it…I’m thinking no more than two short sleeve, and all the rest would be long. (18.5 neck, 36/37 sleeve)

The oils I have, have been absolute life savers!

I will definitely pray about those things you mentioned about college.

Gotta go! Everybody is showing up! Love you bye!

~ Elder 9

Again, thanks to very thoughtful friends in the Mission who took these photos of Elder Nine and sent them to us! Feels like Christmas morning each time we get 'em! ;)

 Our friends were at Chick-Fil-A and guess who all came walking in! :D

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