Monday, September 1, 2014

Mission Letter Week 58 - 25 August 2014

ELDER PETERSON! :D Good to see his face (in the photo)! :) And Elder Hull's too (left of Peterson in the picture. :P)

J. is going to France!! That’s super cool :D I’m really happy for him!

And for Lindsey Stirling! That’s super cool! Well, her whole motto this entire time has been "be who you are supposed to be no matter what". I mean that's why she’s even doing what she’s doing...hopefully she makes it! :)

Didn’t feel the earthquake but heard about it! Wish I could feel one sometime. :( haha

I think buying jeans here would probably be better, plus no shipping. :P

OH MY GOSH THAT CHOCOLATE MILK DOH. He (Elder Bennett) makes crazy think but crazy good chocolate takes me back to my childhood when I would put a little milk in with my chocolate syrup haha.  Bennett is a good guy. I like him a lot too.

I don’t know how the other guys feel about the ice bucket challenge but we'll see what happens. :P

YOWZA. That’s a lot of changes. Sad to see Sister N. get released :( she is a good person and I love her lots…

Lkqjdgaelwkjjjj vlnvxjslvvc! WHAT, DADDY? YOU ARE GETTING RELEASED!?!?!? That day wasn’t ever supposed to come! :O WOW. IDK how it’s going for you right now but I am sure it is a big deal. I am sad for both of you to have these changes now, but I’m sure something great will come of it too. :)

Emily, sounds like a lot of things are going on these days, a lot of changes! It can be sad, but also exciting to see people go in and out like that, but it’s always for the better. :)

Braky, I am sad to see you get released. I know you have changed those young men’s lives for the better, as you have mine. I thank you for what you have done, for them, for me, for scouts. We are all the better for it, and for the efforts you put out.

I'll tie in all these changes to my testimony as well. As a missionary we experience a lot of these kinds of changes. You see people come and go, you come and go, and all along the way you are making friends, brothers and sisters, and learning and growing together. One of the hardest things is to see someone you love, leave. Whether it’s a calling, a location change or choices they have made that take them far away from you. But the thing that one can learn from all this is to trust in the Lord that He will care for all of us, including ourselves. It doesn’t make things easier sometimes, but we are strengthened and lifted up, to meet the demand. The Call. If we rely on Him, anything is possible. A quote from a movie that a member in the ward shared with me, from the movie God's Not Dead: Person A:"God is Good”;  Person B:" All the time”;  Person A:" and all the time…"; Person B:" God is good”...

I love you guys. Thank you for everything. I love you dearly. I'll talk to you next Monday!

~ Elder 9

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