Monday, September 15, 2014

Mission Letter Week 61 - 15 September 2014

(Mom's Note: The first half of the letter was private, so we pick up with the second half)

Besides all THAT...This week has still had its good stuff. We got to help some people move in, the pro movers that we are haha. They know the W's because he (Brother W) works at the same place as he (the man moving in) does. So we are friends now. :D We will see how it goes! L, T and J are in a tight spot still, looking for work and holding on tight. Not much we can do for them these days.

E is taking the new member lessons and is doing quite well, fitting into the Church and all that jazz. :D He's a stud. We haven’t been anywhere super cool yet but in a couple weeks, Brother B is going to take us on a tour of where he works....the expensive juice-making and carrot-packaging place. They apparently package a million pounds of carrots in a DAY; like process and pack them, and even more in the juices, which we will get free bottles of. It's like a better version of the Naked juices! :D Not much else in the way of cool things or places though...apparently that’s all on the West side of Bakersfield haha.

Daddy Monster,

I know the W's quite well! I love them a lot too. :) Good to hear you guys are around each other. It’s fun to be around people like that and end up forming a relationship. Like Elder Flint and I have because we have almost always been in at least the same District! Small world indeed. :)

Way to go Emily, for speaking up (in Stake Conference)! It's a great thing to be able to add and participate. That's why we have those kinds of events. :)

Those are some good life rules to go by (that President Rast shared in Stake Conference) …some ones that I will be using as of right now. Tell President Rast thank you for me, eh?

Thank you guys, for everything. For being MY family. I love you all dearly. Take care.

~ Elder 9

PHOTOS that were shared with us by local members of the Church - We are SO THANKFUL to these thoughtful people who share these with us!

At a 4-Ward BBQ after having served some folks in Bakersfield.

 Emailing Home!

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