Monday, September 8, 2014

Mission Letter Week 60 - 8 September 2014

Okay first things first........I THOUGHT SOMEBODY DIED WHEN YOU DIDN'T SEND A LETTER!! :O YIKES! Okay, done freaking out. :) But seriously though, I've already said, I love getting your letters and emails!! The only time its "too much” is if it’s all in emails. With snail mail I can just read it over a couple of days and write some notes about what I want to reply with (although I seem to keep forgetting to bring my of these days I’ll get it...) So please, keep mailing me! :D

Next, I LOVE the cliff notes and thoughts and other things you wrote about that talk from Bro Hinckley. He IS a great a guy. I love hearing from him. :) All those things (re: the parable of the Ten Virgins) are so very true. We have to be ready, wise, and patient...and the best way to do that is by trusting God. Just like you said. :)

Daddy had the sad panda face on in the shelf-moving picture!! D: #sadpandaface

I wish I could be there too, for the good the bad and the ugly! But at the same time there is nowhere else I'd rather be than here right now. I will always cherish those memories I had back home, and though I will be coming back, as you guys mentioned, it'll be different. It’s sad, happy and exciting all at the same time!!

I, too, am thankful for my family. As nuts as you guys are... ;)  But seriously, I have noticed out here more than ever before and maybe more than ever in my life, the blessing that you guys are to me. I am so thankful for the wonderful life that I have had and the opportunity to share that with you. It is sad to see how many people are lost and don't know what they are missing to find eternal joy, but then I smile when I realize I have that! And I think that that is, or should be the reason why most missionaries are always smiling when they are about dying from heat exhaustion, freezing to death, climbing a mountain, driving a car, riding a bike and teaching a lesson. Thank you.

Also, Mama, that is great to hear about what you are doing to exercise and eat and stuff! I can personally testify it really does make a person feel better...I'm still not where I want be at yet but I am much closer. I think a lot of it came just from having a more physically active lifestyle. :P So good on ya! Keep it up! :D And if anybody DARES to laugh, you tell me where they're at and I’ll know.....beat them up until they bleed...and keep going until they stop bleeding...........sorry. That was violent. I should be more Christlike... :)


Emily!! Wow, the opening social sounds like it was a lot of fun!! I remember going to those and I LOVED them! I also really really liked SCONT and the people and everything!!! It’s pretty exciting to see you get to do a lot of the same things I got the chance to do. :) And that was very nice of Alex and Thomas to say that about me. :D Makes me feel good - haha. HEY! Can you also ask Alex why in the world she hasn't mailed me back?!?! :P

I REALLY like the new dress you got btw! IT’S AWESOME! And fits very well too. :) It’s bright and happy, just like you! And yes, you do have dibs on “dueting” with me when I get home! >:D And it will be MOST glorious!! I cannot wait! Gotta go soon so I gotta keep it you bunches!!

Brak-a-paloosa....I like it. XD Yowza. Big changes. But you are THE boss at ALL things, so I know you'll be just fine...and looks like you're already on track with that! Showing up everybody with your tech skills, and humble as always. ;)

So, it was funny. This week I had the opportunity to do some service...IDK if you remember when we put in stuff in the car stereo, like the iPod cord and all that, but I seem to remember everything when I need it...there is a Brother S in the ward, a young father, and his car stereo broke and through some random conversation he found out that I had done some very minor electrical work and car stereo stuff with you so he asked if I could help. It was fully installed and operational in about 10 minutes. :D It was fun...but also another show of your awesomeness. Every time I do service by doing something unique that someone else needed special help with, I don’t bother thinking about how cool I look because I’m busy thinking about the good times you and I had learning to do that exact thing together..... BROMANCE moment. Love you! :)

 Six Years Ago This Week - just one of many "learning opportunities" where Elder 9 was taught

I am very short on time now so I will sum up the rest. Our investigators, ALL of them, have been out of contact with us this week. It’s been nerve-racking. L is having a tough time with some financial things and is working and praying hard for things to turn out well. E is doing well though and we are starting the new member lessons tonight at his home! :)

Okay, I’m getting booted off. I know the gospel and the restoration are all true...and I love it with all my heart.

Love you all!! BYE!

PS. Elder Ruiz, next to me, in the Spanish Ward was born in Nogales, Sonora!

~ Elder 9

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