Monday, September 1, 2014

Mission Letter Week 59 - 01 September 2014

Hi GUYS!! :)

Wow, you’re starting another school year and already there’s a bunch of cool stuff going on! :D Remember these years...they go by quickly and they are really good and important ones!

TWO foreign exchange students?? Wow! Sounds like Noe (IDK how to do that little dash thingy/accent thing above the E haha) is a good lookin' guy. XD Careful of the French though. ;)

It’s good to hear about all the fun things you are doing! The cotillion got changed to a social instead?? :O NOOOO!!! You gotta do da dancin’ thing!! Gosh dang it. Hahaha, but it is what is!

I love you too Emi! Have a good one, and thanks for just being you!

Septiembre!! This is nuts. Holidays have begun to repeat and after this General Conference, I only have one left...... NOT. OH. KAY. !!!!!!!!

I'M excited FOR Emily! SCONT and taking those co-op classes and stuff are some of my very best childhood experiences!!

Hey speaking of childhood experiences, could you do me a favor and let Jessica (sister) know that I heard “UP” by Shania Twain on Saturday in a restaurant and thought of the early summers we had and always listened to Shania Twain and the like...I think that’d be a good thing for her to think about...just a thought. :)

Bro P is a champion. I love that man, I really do. He is a super hero and a great example. I learned a lot from a lot of different people back home and I can’t thank all of them enough! Speaking of thanks, besides the W, who else helped/is helping out with my mission fund again? It’s about time to say thank you again. :P

Can’t wait for that cooler weather! Hahaha. Good luck with starting another official school year. :) (Though, with me not there, it will most likely be a lot smoother! ;D You know how I roll!)

BTW, I didn’t get a snail mail this week...but today’s mail hasn’t come yet so I am wondering if you sent one or not? Just curious. :P

Okay da questions now!

I had to buy jeans with my mission card on Friday because I needed them for service. :P So I was just going to draw out the $40 today from my home card to "pay myself back" haha. It’s a nice pair of Wranglers...40x32 regulars, and still a TINY bit loose fitting...but a 38 waist was too small :P Working my way down haha.

My pillow is doing great...and I may not need a new one after, but if I do. then yes, you described it quite right :) Sheets and towels are doing even better. :)

I hate Carl’s Jr. now… (Mom's note: he said this after he learned of their pornographic commercials)

I don’t have a particular desire or need for anything...however lovely those tortillas would be, I fear they would be stale by the time they got to me haha.

I am definitely on a plateau right now, but not a bad one. Just staying steady yet optimistic. I think it’ll go up from there, but for the moment I can definitely feel that level-off effect haha. It’s almost a monotonous feel in a way...but at the same time everything is so unique, so also yeah!

I will say, the biggest obstacle I have seen for myself or others have to accepting the gospel in its fulness, is Pride. As you taught me many times, it always boils down to pride. Now when I look at people I just see good people that are being silly and stubborn and can’t give up their pride...yet. There will always come a point where they all have the opportunity to get over themselves and accept their Savior...for this limited time I get to be a full time tool in God's hands to help them do that. Humility is a Christlike attribute and one of the most important. It leads to repentance. So Pride is the opposite and leads us to sin, and more sin. So to sum up what the missionary handbook and all counsel I’ve ever received on this topic says about it........DON'T BE DUMB.

That’s a great Bytheway quote by the way.....oh man. I am FUNNY. XD

It’s very true though...and that can tie into the Pride vs Humility I was just mentioning. :) When we humble ourselves we can see God's love for us...just like when I was young and stupid and voted you guys the meanest parents in the whole world (which you still are, consecutively, every year ;) ), but when I got over myself, and looked at the REAL picture in front of me, I could see the reason behind it all. Behind the reprimands, the lessons taught, the spanks I received as a child...all of it...because of love. :) Same goes for our Heavenly Father. He doesn’t WANT to do anything MEAN to He does everything out of LOVE. And it is a perfect and ETERNAL love too. :D The best kind, followed closely by that of a parent's love. :)

Mama, I love you.. Dearly and with all my heart. Thank you.

End with a bang...I shoulda seen that coming...or heard it... :P

Wowza. That is a POWERHOUSE Bishopric etc. Hot dog! (said like Jimmy Stewart on It's A Wonderful Life.) You guys are going to all be fantastic! :)

WHOA. iPad day. YIKES. I was talking with a brother in a ward yesterday after church and something I didn’t event think about is how the new missionaries after the iPads come out will not have a total "cutoff" experience from technology...this will be good and bad...good because they will be fluent and adept in technology, but bad because there are valuable lessons to learn when living with minimal or no technology...but it will help the work. So we move forward.

I love you all very much! I hope all goes well for you! I will forward some pics Elder Ray is going to send. We took them several weeks ago when Elder Hjorth was still here, and they are SUPER cool! :D You will like them a lot and will probably think that we should start a missionary band… and you may be right... XD Love you guys! BYE!

~ Elder 9

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