Monday, July 21, 2014

Mission Letter Week 52 - 14 July 2014

(Daddy,) HAPPY YOU'RE-TURNING-OLD-DAY!! :D hahaha! 

Brak, I want you to know I really really seriously do like you just a little bit....and love you a lot too....I also want to thank you for all the things you've taught me, the "man tips" and many other points of help and advice you have given me in our shared lifetime. You are truly a champion amongst heroes and I love you for it. THANK YOU.

Transfers!!! So I am with Elder Ray! He's super cool. I knew him in Palmdale when I was there and for forever (and I like it...) and he seemed pretty cool… I was right. :D We've been having a great time!! We are in a car-share area, not just car, so we switch off with Elders Hjorth and Harper (amazing guys too) being in car or on bike…it's a change that’s for sure...

As for you finding out (early) where I am, I don’t really have an opinion on the if you want to find out by members telling you or just waiting or whatever, you go for it. :) However for keeping tabs on peeps, I email the people I want to keep in touch with on a regular basis already and find out from them what’s up so no need for that. :D But thank you for the offer!

Cool that you got to email with President and talk to him about somethings...I love getting to talk with him whenever I about really "getting it". That man is a superhero and I love him.

BTW this is going to be short and unless I find somewhere else to email besides the Stake Center here, I will only have approximately an hour every Monday to yeah...sorry!!

Good to hear from the W's too and about I. !!!! THAT’S AWESOME!! I’m so excited that she is taking the lessons regularly now. :D Thanks for the update.

I have actually been keeping track of people, like the C's, and their info, that I want to contact after the mission, but I think having a second source like that would be good so I'll let you know. :)

I did hear about the iPads Mini and thought it was pretty cool. I like that I won’t have to carry as much stuff with me! :D

I promise to be careful when doing sports.

And I will take some pics.

You did not tell me D. got his (mission) call!! That’s awesome news! :DDDD

Thank you for your wonderful emails and great support. I love you all. Stay close to the Spirit in these last days… da times they are a changin'! I do not doubt the words of the Lord, for my mother, and father, knew it. I love you dearly. BYE!

~ Elder 9

I will not have time to read it (Emily’s long email) though I previewed some of it... snail it to me!! And start using the mission address now btw, because President has asked that we start doing that now and also to not post my current address anywhere like blogs or FB... but yeah if you could just mail through the office that’d be great. :D They do same-day forwarding so it doesn’t take any extra time. :)

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