Friday, July 11, 2014

Mission Letter Week 51 - 07 July 2014

“The Big Goodbye”

(I think that’s a Next Generation episode title...)

Whelp, I'm getting transferred out of the Ward but I don't know where to until transfer meeting. We shall see! I'm excited to see who my comp will be too…

HEY! I heard from C finally (MTC comp) and he said all is well, some good news, some bad, but he plans on being back on the mission very soon!!! :D Looks like he'll make it! Pray for him if you would. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

I got your letter in the mail btw, and I loved it, of course. :D That is SO COOL to hear Lindsey (Stirling) made it to the Grand Ole Opry! Talk about getting serious! WOOO! One day I'll see her there...and ask her to marry me again....back to the email...

Jonesy (completed his mission) is going home?!?! :O NOOOOOO!! I'll have to say bye to him if I can. Hopefully he'll be at transfer meeting.

I also really liked Joseph's (Smith) last dream that you shared in the letter. Really cool experience and testimony.

I can't wait to hear about Girl's Camp! Sorry to hear Emi is sick. :( When she feels up to it I'm ready for the deets. :D

Oh and did you guys know about the letters I got from SCONT?? I just got them the other day as they were sent to my last apartment so it took a while for the other guys to get it to me, haha. I thought that was awesome! Especially Emily’s letter...clearly the best one of them all! :D So thank you far that… I have written...a lot of replies...including a thank you to Sister Reid and so forth. I got to the mailbox late on Saturday so they are probably just now getting picked up by the man of mail. :D

No rain here, still dry as a bone. You see, when it "rains" in Ridgecrest, it evaporates before we even feel the moisture.  .__.

No pics. :'( sorryyy. Been a crazy week. I'll take pics in my next area though!

Celebrate the 4th...hmmm...does reading scriptures all night because you had to go home early for a holiday curfew count as celebrating? If so, YES! :D

My waist size is 43...I might be able to squeeze a 42 but I wouldn’t know unless I tried ‘em on first. So if you can’t find a 43, then a 44 tailored down is probably our best bet. As for inseam length...I believe I'm a 34 on that. Yep. I am. And I think I want to do khaki color. >:D It’s been a while since I've tried that.

Brak! (Term of endearment meaning "Daddy") Good to hear the week and holiday went well, minus Emily being sick. :( Never a fun thing, but sounds like it went well considering! I bet no one cried because I wasn’t making a fuss ;)

I just read that scripture the other day (Alma 31:5) and was thinking about sharing it too...looks like you beat me to it! And it is so very true as well. The word of God is more powerful than anything that can be done to us. And it’s a positive force too. Thank you to both of you for bringing me up by the Word of God. It has impacted me more than you know. And it is also sad to see how many people have NOT had that good force in their lives. This world is going downhill fast and, just as Mama said, we are being sifted and it’s going quick. Hold tight, and stay strong, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! I love you all very much!


P.S. Oh yeah…. I’m going car. >:(   I’m gonna get fat now… not okay. hahaha! jkjk! I will use the card. :)

I hope the 6 weeks I’ve been here will do something good for them.

PHOTOS sent to us by a sweet, kind member. A lovely surprise! 

Saying goodbye as Elder Nine transfers out to another area....

Reading from the Scriptures

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