Monday, May 11, 2015

Mission Letter Week 95 - 11 May 2015


Yes, things are as well as they seem. :)

Tall bottoms and do XL tops not 2XL. :D

For going back to Cali, I am thinking about wanting to go back by myself, but I'm not sure yet...

Shoulder still sucks, hahaha… but it’s feeling better.

I am definitely feeling a new energy for working and it feels great! :D


wut u sai iz tru. it s d lst strch b4 d nd...or as Gandalf says: The deep breath, before the plunge... :D

Gonna keep it short because we said everything yesterday (in our Mother's Day Face Time). :P

Love you guys!


~ Elder 9

Some photos that were sent to us by wonderful, wonderful people in Bakersfield! We LOVE when we get surprised like this!

 Look, Ma! My head only comes to his shoulder!

The three "Bakesfield Bodyguards" - haha! ;)

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