Monday, May 18, 2015

Mission Letter Week 96 - 18 May 2015

Hey all!

This week has been okay...been struggling with finding people to teach...all our friends we've met haven't been available this last week or two...but supposedly they will be this week. :D So we hope and pray for the best!


That is actually a really funny story about you and Daddy going to the church that night. XD I shared that story with my fellow missionary friends here and they all laughed and said that is totally a Nine thing to do! :D

Don't worry about going to dances's can just wait till you're like 17 or worries. :D


My shoulder is doing great now and I'm back to exercising weights now though, just "high intensity interval training" now...that's all. :P Today for lunch I had half a cucumber and an apple........

Thanks for the email!!

HOLY THUNDER STORM BATMAN!!! I was just talking to somebody the other day about Texas thunder storms and they didn't really believe me...this is glorious :DDDDDD I love rain… I miss moisture. So much. SUCH.

This week was alright... I pretty much filled you in already. Our one investigator, M, just dropped we are hoping to start to teach N and C, a couple of sisters, D and her kids, and E and his family...but we aren't sure how they will take it yet...we will see. :)


Not helping with the trunky comments there bro........................... ;P

Glad to hear the projects are going well though...probably slower without me there. ;)

Awesome to see some missionary work going on too. I had a chance to interview a lady that Elder Horan and Elder Page taught over in Meadows Ward for her baptism and I was wondering how in the world they had chanced upon someone so solid and prepared for the gospel.... Then we found out she had member friends...BOOM.

Members are the front line of missionary work in these last days. We just do the paper work. Keep it up!

Love you guys lots! Talk to you later!

~ Elder 9

Elder Nine & Elder Whitehead along with another young man were blessed to be able to help serve a family in the area that was moving out of their home.

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