Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mission Letter Week 94 - 04 May 2015

Hey all!

Sorry this will be so short, I just wanted to email and say I love you all, the church is still truer than true, and that I'll be writing snail mail today … the computers at the church we email at got shut down for a while so we have almost no time at all!

SKYYYPPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! We will be skyping at the M’s home in our ward (H’s are out of town then, haha) and it’ll be at 3 or 4 pm depending on who goes first. :P That’s our time, so 5 or 6 pm for you guys!

Elder Whitehead is cool kid!  He's a good guy and a hard worker. We've been having fun 'cruising around town'.  And door-knocking is awesome. XD  First thing I thought (when I saw how tall he was) was "No...that's not real.........." Hahaha! It was funny. XD Best thing about him is his happy attitude. :D Always smiling!

District Leader stuff is....... Lots of extra stuff to do and keep track of now. Hahaha. But it's fun too. Definitely good for keeping me focused if nothing else! What I like most about it is I love being able to serve in yet another way. I get to help my district members and work with them even more now. What I like least is just having to keep track of a bunch of stuff...but I'll get used to that. Eventually.

Not a whole lot of "C" (hahaha that’s funny :P) because our District is pretty stinkin’ awesome! :D Elder Ray and Howe are in it and they are awesome. So it’s been great. Elder Johnson and Haroldsen are cool cats, too, and Sisters Dodson and Shaw might be some of my favorite Sisters in the mission so far, along with Sister Tidwell, Sister Melton (may she rest in peace [aka: she’s gone home now]) and a few others!

‘Kay gotta run now...again sorry it is so short, I got as far as I could...BYE! I'll write that letter!

~ Elder 9

Elder Nine with his Zone Leader

Elder Nine was made a District Leader & this is his new companion, Elder Whitehead

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