Monday, May 25, 2015

Mission Letter Week 97 - 25 May 2015

Well. Today has been fun. We had an appointment this morning to set another appointment with a really cool guy, C, for a week from Tuesday....oi....and then two potentials dropped us just now, whom we were going to visit at 1pm...oh well. Not prepared. We'll find people who are.

Elder Bruce A. Carlson was amazing! The main things I learned is that we need to be persistent. Plan with specifics so the Lord has something to work with and that there ARE things that we can do the morning schedule and the like. We are not perfect, but we can do SOME things perfectly!

Well, for one thing that we have been doing is WORKING TILL MY FEET FALL OFF!!! Geez, I haven’t worked this hard EVER on my mission before. It's like 'greenie fire' all over again!!! We have been walking everywhere and just talking with EVERYONE! We walk up to people in situations that even a really socially inept person would realize is awkward and to be avoided...but...we don't cur. AXE ME IF I CUR! ‘CAUSE I DON'T CUR!! It has been awesome. We haven’t found a new investigator yet but there is some serious potential and the members are starting to set some more serious goals as families now. :D And the rest of the District has found 10 new investigators!! We are all focused on finding like crazy and teaching everyone who will listen and is prepared! It's a blast...

I will be keeping all my purple and sentimental ties...the rest are trading ties...which I have just picked up along the way and used for trading. :P But I will be keeping a good number of ties! I'm gonna have a big collection by the time I get home…I hope!

For those top 3 things that you asked about (“What are the top 3 things that you’d say have inspired you and helped you along the way to become the best missionary you could possibly be?”), the most important thing is to have a CONVERSION TO THE SAVIOR, HIS ATONEMENT, AND HIS GOSPEL. Second is COMPANION UNITY, without which, the Spirit is not present and I "Shall not teach." (D&C 42:14 - “And the Spirit shall be given unto you by the prayer of faith; and if ye receive not the Spirit ye shall not teach.”) And lastly is WALK OUT THE DOOR. Go to work until you collapse at 930pm after daily planning and don't have the energy to stand! Push hard and follow the Spirit!

#YOSO (you only serve once)
#TwelveThrity38 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those are all hashtags we have made together! The Assistants made the #GetSheaves and the idea spread. TwelveThrity38 is from Elder Carlson...sort of....He talked about the moment (in Alma 8:14-21) when Alma returned to the city of Ammonihah and found Amulek, because he (Alma) didn’t hesitate and followed the council of God (via an angel) and "returned speedily", and Elder Carlson said Alma found Amulek at 12:30 and 38 secs, to make an arbitrary time up, and it stuck. We can't be doing just whatever, we need to have good inspired plans and let the Lord guide and even intervene when necessary!

We have been seeing some amazing changes in the missionaries here and it is AWESOME!!

Right now we are teaching no one...but that will change. >:D

Funniest teaching moment?…….IDK...I'm pulling a blank right now haha. I'll think about it! (see letter dated 1 June 2015 for the funniest moment).

President Wilson is AMAZING. He has helped me to stay focused and persistent. I count him as good friend at this point and I love him dearly. I have come to gain a testimony of his calling and his fulfillment of it. He is truly an inspired man and anyone that says otherwise is missing something...

I have loved getting to know the people I have been able to teach. It has been a massively life changing experience. I love the people.....but as just a location in-and-of itself (geographically), I actually dislike Bakersfield. Palmdale is pretty great though. :D

I have driven on the musical highway actually! :D

Snow Ward is pretty awesome. I love the H's and the B's a ton. The H's are the WML and family. The B's are a homeschooling family from Texas! :D Naturally, I must love them. hahaha!

I just got the snail mail...actually on Saturday, but haven’t had time to read it yet...too busy working. Sorry. XD Love you guys! Gotta bounce now have an appointment at 1m. LOVE YOUUUUUU!

~ Elder 9

Elder Nine learned he's not the tallest when he met his new companion.
Now, they both have learned that neither is the tallest, after meeting this ex-Pittsburgh Steeler football player who happens to be the son-in-law to the people they were eating dinner with that night. 

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