Monday, June 1, 2015

Mission Letter Week 98 - 01 June 2015


First, funny story!

We were at a members home sharing a message and they were talking about their kids and made a joke about being done having kids. One of the sons, 8 yrs old, not knowing any better and wanting another sibling says, "Mom, can you make another baby right now??" HOLY AWKWARD! It was hilarious! XD We all died laughing!


HOLY WHAT BATMAN! Emily you are going into Seminary!?!?!?!?! What the heck. STAHP GROWING AHP!


Thank you for the reminder about my last transfer meeting ._________. MEH. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT ELDER FLINT!!!! Everyone I know is "DYING" right now. :'(

(Mom's Note: "Dying" is the word missionaries use to describe someone having completed their mission and leaving to go home now.)

This week was a good one. We found a new investigator, J, and he is doing great. Has tons of potential and return appointment. :D We are excited and want to see more of this going on! Our Stake Conference was great and we learned a lot about how Ward Councils are supposed to work in a spirit of unity, and have the same vision and purpose! And also how we need to be working as a team. Too many members see each responsibility or calling as totally separated from the others...not so. It is one big plan and we need to see that NOW. :D It was great!

I gotta run now. Sorry it is short again. Love you all very much!


~ Elder 9

Many pictures were taken at the Zone Conference where Elder Bruce A Carlson spoke on being a consecrated missionary. Of all the photos, this is the ONLY one that Elder Nine & Elder Whitehead appeared in.
Of course it's a photo-bomb appearance! lol!

The blond missionary was Elder 9's 7th companion, Elder Parsons. :)

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