Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mission Letter Week 101 - 22 June 2015

Okay guys this has to be short again, sorry!


I got your letter! I loved reading about girls camp and all the stories you had to share. :) I agree, time has healed many things and I am excited to be able to enjoy our better relationship when I get home. :D We will haz many funz! Tell Sister Dixon hi for me and I love her! She is awesome...but not quite as awesome as you. :D
Gotta hurry on now! Love you bunches!


HI HERBY LA! HI HERBY LA!!!!! :D That is awesome! Hahahaha!

Man, I wish I had some Good homemade BBQ out here....Cali folk only make tri tip and it is NOT as good!!

SARYN IS GOIN SOUTH!! WOOOO! Elder Boy and Oryang are from Alabama...Oryang is home now too! Oryang is from Tuskegee and Boy is from Decatur! That is so awesome. :D Tell her I said congrats! :) She is gonna be amazing!! Go KILL IT!!

Yes, the shirts fit okay...Sister Moon is going to try to tailor one and we will see how it turns out. :D With a fat neck like mine sport fit is still big. XD hahaha.

The hymns thing is going well and there is definitely a marked difference in our overall feelings and spirit. :) It is loverly! Nothing too crazy yet but I think it’s because the music thing is easy now so we are working on having perfect morning schedules about HARD! Hahaha.

And I know Sister Moon is the birdie in your ear about the shirts btw, haha! XD She is the best. :3

So the meeting is called District meeting and as District Leader I get to lead the meeting in most of the ways, with some delegation for things like talks and role plays...but for our "Council" I lead that and we talk about how we did the week before and what we want to focus on and do better on this next week, we set goals, make plans to achieve the goals and discuss other concerns or matters with our investigators or members...that's about it though. :) It is usually a pretty spiritual experience!

It's only about 102ºF here on average so it's not bad yet. :P

I actually do like the rolled sleeves look better, or long sleeves.......but I can't complain with new shirts, haha!

I think my waist is 42  and my inseam, I am fairly certain, is 32 but IDK for sure...and as for my waist, on top of working full time right away, I am going to be exercising a LOT...probably close to 2-3 hours a day if I can make the time in the mornings unlike I am able to do on a mission because everything is all scheduled I will probably lose at least another couple waist sizes. I'll be doing a lot of cycling for sure. :P

IDK when I will ship my bike home...maybe next Monday if I can find a bike shop to get a box from first!

I got a couple waters at Rite Aid that day because Elder Whitehead and I were parched and didn’t have water with us. :P We BIG BOYS and we needz waterz! Haha!

Other than that we are doing dandy here! Love you!


Thank you, my friend, I appreciate the advice always and the love and guidance; yours and mama's advice and love and guidance is why I am don't stop!

Great to hear about the job!! Man, God is really in the details. He doesn't mess around...Well, sometimes He does...but in appropriate ways. :P What does your new job entail?? Same stuff different company or something different?

Can't wait to hear! Love you guys! Godspeed, and have a good week.

~ Elder 9

Temple Trip!!

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