Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mission Letter Week 99 - 8 June 2015

Hello again!

I am staying with Elder Whitehead! I found my "killer"!:D (That’s what we call our last companion on our mission, then when I go home, we say I “died”.) We are really happy! :3

So this week was kinda...long and boring. Just a little dry....literally haha.

The story behind the tie pic is...well.....that's us pretty much. :D

I did not get the letter yet...any letters. :( Probably tomorrow.

What? What? I am getting a box? What? Why? YUS! :D Otaaayyyy - I like boxes! :DDDDDD

Thanks, and you are so right about that (“all in the Lord’s time”). More than I would care to account for haha...had a really good talk with Sister H this morning...a lot of "my parents told me so" kinda stuff and talking about C and how he has been....reminds me of me.....hopefully he gets out on a mission like I barely managed too. :D

J will probably be a YSA referral next time we meet him if we can't get the rest of the family involved. He is a cool kid and we will see him for the 2nd time this Saturday...he has been out of town.

I heard about Elder G and I am awed by his dedication. I only knew him around the first part of his mission and I misjudged him by a lot. I need to repent about it. He is a good kid and a good missionary. Sad to hear about his mother. :( I don't know what else to say about it because I don’t know him that well.

I am not going to transfer meeting tomorrow so I may not get to see Elder Howe after today, or Flint until after my mission. :(

And, a cool quote from Brother O, a member in our ward, after a message we shared with him and his wife: "Well, my compliments, Elders. You are the missionaries I would trust if I had a dear friend that wanted to take the lessons..." AHHHHH!!! It was great! :D

Kay, couple questions off the top of my head...feel free to reply SOON :)

Bike: do we want to use bike flight to ship it home for around $30-40? I just saw Elder Howe ship his. Using bikeflights it is dirt cheap.

What size is my bed going to be? Twin? Because I was wondering if I should keep my sheets or not. I’ll consider it. They are getting a little old but not falling apart…I may ship them home… I will decide later. :)

I would like to tailor my 2nd gray suit by the end of this transfer to make it fit REAL nice. :P IDK how much it will be but it might be a bit of money… less than $100 though. :D  Only one suit. The other suit will not be joining me on my return flight. :P It isn’t one you want to wear much more. :)

Love you guys, it's all true. The church, the gospel, the Book of Mormon. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Have a great week!  Gotta bounce! Love you bunches!

#DieHard #SleepLater #GetSheaves #YOSO #FinishersNeverFinish !!!!!!!!

~ Elder 9

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