Monday, April 27, 2015

Mission Letter Week 93 - 27 April 2015


Wow! Sounds like a lot of fun stuff is going on! And I saw that picture of you at the service project! I always had a lot of fun at those things. :D Well, I guess I still do, haha. Good to hear from you! Sorry, I gotta be so short. :P Love you!


I am staying in Snow Ward as District Leader now and I am getting Elder Whitehead as a companion. Sad to see Elder Ripa go, but such is mission life. We will keep in touch. :)

AWESOME! (that you liked my “new” handwriting!)  I'll write a little bigger next time, hahaha! Good to hear though!

I don’t have much time so I will update you on how our Zone and District goals have been doing in my letter next week...sorry! But it is going VERY well!

Yeah, it was funny (the story about the lady knocking on our car window) …we call her "The Commando Lady" now, hahaha!

DA L's!!!! HOLY COW! I FLIPPED WHEN I SAW THE PICTURE! :DDDDDDDDDDD That is so crazy that K is married now and M is on his mission now! I LOVE the L's! :D


Sounds like an eventful couple of weeks! As for the ceiling popcorn, I used a spray bottle of water and a putty knife. Spray the section you will work on, let it soak for a min, and then spray lightly again, and scrape it right off. Works great. :)

Welp, I gotta bounce! Love you guys! Sorry it is short!

~ Elder 9

Elder Nine with the other Elders after a special baptism

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