Monday, April 20, 2015

Mission Letter Week 92 - 20 April 2015

Hi Thar!

Emily I love you too!! I got your letter and I really, really liked it! It is crazy to me the situations you are already facing as a young woman and the people you are able to help in some way by being the good person you are in following your Savior. You made the right choices. You followed what was in your heart and what the spirit told you to do and the good advice from a  good friend. KEEP DOING THAT. Nothing is more important. :) I am so proud of you for that. Thank you for the awesome testimony that you shared by telling me those things. The gospel is true, the book is blue, and so are you...or something... :P

D's baptism was AMAZING!! I have pics, but I have to transfer them from my internal memory to my SD card after formatting the card....and I'm too lazy right now. SO I'll put those on Dropbox next week. :D His Uncle, J, our ward mission leader, baptized him and his YM president confirmed him! It was all very uplifting and went very smoothly. SO many people showed up it amazing. He has had so much support it is crazy. Good stuff going on here, and more miracles to come! We are hoping to teach J...but we will leave that to the H's to figure out for now as that is family.....they are on the ball too, so it'll be good. :)

My letter was really late but you will get it soon. :)

I wanna help with the yard!! Leave some for me, it'll keep me busy hahaha. I've actually been thinking that would be a good way to stay busy when I get home and I don’t have a job right away. My free time I could restore the landscaping. :DDDDDD so yeah...

I am excited to continue work in this ward and I hope I stay this next transfer...good folks here.

I am trying hard to stay focused and for the most part it is going well...but every now and then I start mentally wandering..........a lot, hahaha. But it's not too bad. Actually the more I come to the end, the less I am distracted...kinda weird...

I believe in My savior, I love the work, and I love you all!

Live Long and Prosper!

~ Elder 9

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