Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mission Letter Week 90 - 06 April 2015

Wow...time has ceased to exist, it's going by so last general conference...WAS AWESOME!!! Though they talked a lot about marriage for the first about NOT HELPING. XP

I think my favorite talk was by Sister Linda K Burton (if I got her name right) and her words on marriage and relationships and so forth. :) It was pretty powerful! And the best moments were likely when Pres. Monson got funny and then wiggled his ears and also when Pres. Uchtdorf started speaking in German. XD I’m pretty sure he did that on purpose, as it’s his sense of humor. LOL! I really would love to be present in a casual conversation with those great brethren...I bet they're a blast to talk to, as well as a powerful experience!

I love this time of year to remember our Savior and the great and eternal sacrifice that He made for's all we ever talk about practically for two years so I get to a point where I feel like I know it all....and then general conference rolls around or I have another learning experience in which I realize I am a complete fool....humility at it's finest. :) I bear a solemn testimony of my Savior, not just of His identity, but of the thing that He promised us He could, would and DID do...Deliver us. He has and we need to accept it, on the condition of repentance! Only in and through His name may any man (or woman) enter into the Kingdom of God.

D has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it and everything we have taught thus far and said he really believes it to be true...already! We are happy and excited that he is progressing so well...he is a rare breed. He has an incredible amount of respect for his elders and all other people too, is very mature, especially for his age, and very smart. He's a great guy and really wants to make the best choices he can in his life! More to come soon. :)

C on the other hand has been avoiding us a little bit so we may drop her if she decides to continue with that. :(

Okay I will send the SD card home after I write a letter to go with it. :)

We went to the B’s and had an "Easter Party" of sorts, along with some GOOD FOOD! :D

I do not have a least favorite thing to teach anyone because it is all gloriously wonderful and can be a powerful experience no matter who it is. :) My favorite though is The Plan of Salvation. The light I see in people’s eyes and especially in children’s eyes when they learn it for the first time is the greatest thing in the world. :)

Good to hear from you guys! I gotta keep it short because we were doing service beforehand so we are short on time today. :P Sorry! Love you all!

~ Elder 9

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