Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mission Letter Week 89 - 30 March 2015

Hello Family! This has been an amazing week! Elder Ripa and I are doing awesome...though weird things have begun to happen far too finishing each other’s sentences, thinking the exact same day 2 we just synced brains or something....really weird… because usually that happens your last week with a comp...not your first...  But it's fun. :P


AWESOME! I'm so glad you gave that talk and I have no doubt it was much greatness! You make me very VERY proud Emily, just the testimony that you share when you give a talk or when you email me, or any other time. You are growing up and being awesome, so just keep it up! Don't stress about the little things, just make sure you are square with God and Family, and that you are happy and keep sharing your testimony! LOVE YOU!


The work is great and we are currently teaching a lady named C, taught her the first lesson, we are also teaching a young man, D, the nephew of our Ward Mission Leader. He accepted a baptismal date of April 18 so we are excited for that. His mother is the sister of Brother H...our WML. :) I love Snow Ward a lot. There is a lot of man power in this ward and good potential for the members.

I'm Jr companion right now. :D I like being JC....except I don’t get to drive. :( Hahaha he is senior because he is District Leader.

I got your letter! I think I'll be able to get those pics...I'll have to read it everyday though. lol

When you say thumb drive do you mean SD card? I could send that home...I think I will...make it easier... it’s pretty full now! 

Hello this is Elder Angus again. The picture of me and Elder Nine knocking is cool.

I'm back! :D

I didn't have time for the pics but I am doing that now...

Gotta bounce, time is cut short today. LOVE YOU!

~ Elder 9


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