Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mission Letter Week 91 - 13 April 2015


So, cool thing, I am sending a letter out tomorrow morning with my SD card in it. And that will be my weekly letter. :) I already wrote it so no worries. :P

   I got your letter today but didn't have much time to read it. I liked what I read though! And about the last part, I can say you won't have to worry about me pulling my own weight around anymore. I can't stand just sitting around doing nothing productive. I was talking about that with Elder Ripa, actually, this morning and we were talking about how we can't imagine just sitting in front of a computer all night watching Netflix or vegging out on video games or something. Books, on the other hand, I could probably do all day, but that's a whole other animal. :)

   But yeah, I am excited for home, but I am also so excited for what is about to happen in this mission! :D You'll read all about that in the letter, haha, but it is going to be amazing to see many MORE miracles happening here!

   D is totally set and by next email, he will be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! (that took a long time to type, including all my mess-ups…oi…) :)  We are so excited for him and the rest of his family. He is the last of the H's to get baptized! Besides some in-laws with different J. He's awesome...We'll be trying to teach him too! Hopefully it goes well. Haha!

   We have officially dropped C now and won't be going by, unless she gets in touch with us, just because she has chosen not to make it a priority....oh, free agency!

   We have been doing a lot of service lately so I actually don't know what you are referring to but I guess a simple run down is we helped some people move into another ward, some nonmembers, we unloaded trucks-full of dirt, we fixed up the most WRECKED back yard I have ever seen in EVER, and we helped plant a garden, make a lizard kennel, and took those last two as an opportunity to set up a teaching appointment with J and A. He's less active, she is not a member and they have LOTS of potential! :D We are excited for them the most I think, besides D!

There is a companion picture on the SD card I will be sending home, of us at Dickey’s BBQ.  :DDDDDD I LOVE DICKEY’S......

The new Temple policy is twice a year on an assigned day. That's it pretty much, to avoid missionaries getting "lucky" and going with their companions then new companions and going every month. :P I don't really care either way right now, haha.

No Golden Plunger award....we are pretty sure that's a joke actually. Haha!

No, my vial is doing great. It's daddy's brass one he gave me. I don't think I'll ever get another one till my son goes on a mission! :)


Sounds like a lot of awesome Scout stories! I'm always happy when I see a young man involved in scouts and doing good. A lot of them here will ask if I'm an Eagle and I, of course, tell them yes, with two palms, (in a humble way of course) and they always get so excited. It's great to see young people grow into good young men and women, and then men and women! It's what keeps the world from EXPLODING..... sorry... those extremes doe.....

Hey, Mama, is there a chance I could get another one of those clicking erasable pens, in blue? I gave mine to Elder Johnson as a departing gift… I know….. I’m hopeless.... :D

Also, yes, I am still doing NO SODA… it gets easier over time…. slowly.....

Love you all! talk to you next week!

- Elder 9

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