Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mission Letter Week 104 - 13 July 2015

Oh wow...I am kind of freaking out right now. This is so…unreal (that I’m coming to the end of my mission). Good to hear about Jeff  and David. Glad they returned so well, and honorably. Can't say much more or I'll get a man lump.

You already know the people to invite (to the open house) I think. if it's possible for the Randall’s to be there that'd be cool...but they are in San Antonio so I understand if they can’t make it.....

I am not picky about hymns.

CHANDLER IS ENGAGED?!?!?!?! Talk about freaky. I can't get my mind wrapped around this idea of life actually moving forward will be weird.

Good to see Daniel's reception...he looks good, and happy!

Nothing to do about the bike, it will get shipped to the house.

R is doing okay but had to cancel this week. J and B are doing well and we are meeting with them again soon, but they missed church this week. :/ We are teaching A now, a young woman, about 17...she's a really happy and genuine young lady which is strange… ‘cause most girls here are really bummed all the time for some reason...probably ‘cause they don't have the gospel...that must be it.

Yay for Sister S.!!! I love them :D The P's in our ward here are good friends with them because she is also from Brazil, so I heard they were on that trip. :D That is so cool for them!

‘Kay, I gotta get outta this room before I actually start to get trunky!!

~ Elder 9

(After seeing a picture of Jeff with his “Welcome Home” yard decorations) I almost got sick.......It's here.....GOOD FOR JEFF! :'D Can't wait to see him again. A lot has changed...

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