Monday, July 20, 2015

Mission Letter Week 105 - 20 July 2015

LAST P-DAY (preparation day) & LAST EMAIL HOME:

Oh I am so scared right now...I am almost about to cry...

Emily, thank you for the amazing hand written letter!! I love hand written letters and I wish I could have written more while on my mission...oh well, no big deal. :) Thank you for that and I can't wait to see you!! I will finish strong Emi! Thank you and love you!

Got the letter! Thank you for it too. :) I love you lots.

No more boxes, good to hear they made it safe.

Church was sad...really good too. But sad. :( No singing's okay...I will leave like a ghost in the night.......except for the party we will have tonight....I am just not a quiet person. :P

I have said almost all my goodbyes, my last ones are tonight at FHE, at H's place...I will take pictures and show you in person. :)

Braky, good idea on the magnet (for Emily)

Thank you for teaching me. Both of you. And Sir Braksalot, happy (belated) birthday!! We will have to have a party or something. :D Catch you in my next area, a "plane area". XD

BTW, can you set up an interview with Pres. W ASAP? Preferably as close to my getting off the plane as possible...I don't want to stretch it out if I don't have to...Thanks! Love you all lots, catch you soon!

~ Elder 9

Dad’s reply: Your appt. is set (for 4 hrs after you arrive) already.

Elder 9: dang nabit. Okay thanks! gotta bounce, kthxloveyoubye

Some of the last photos sent to us by wonderful, thoughtful members in Bakersfield:

Here is my son with my old college roommate, who just happens to live n the area he's serving in! Love them both!



Last Temple trip prior to leaving the mission. All of these missionaries are the "Departing Missionaries" this transfer.

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