Monday, December 9, 2013

Mission Letter Week 21 - 09 December 2013


Yes! Elder S and I ARE staying this transfer and we are very happy to keep serving together and to spend Christmas in a ward we know already and with a family we really love. :D So it’s gonna be GREAT!

Emily went to the temple?!?!?!?! WHOOO!!!! Isn't that just the best thing in the whole world?!?! :D I so wish I could go to the temple more...but my work is on this side of the veil right now. Haha.

That (MCO) concert looks AMAZING!!! OH, I wish I could hear them! :D I miss choir and singing all the time and awesome stuffz like that. But this work is awesome too. IS THE BEEESSTTTT (Nacho Libre voice)

We noticed that the flags were at half staff and asked someone what happened and they told us (about Nelson Mandela dying) sooo…yeah…not sure what else to say about it all...

The “icepocalypse” (ice storm) sounds like a lot of fun. :D I love adventures like that! the beeessstttt....

HAAA! I JUST TOLD THE PRES. UCHTDORF STORY TO THE DISTRICT! We are all crying, that was so funny!!!!!!! Hahaha!

I will certainly TRY not to open your care package till Christmas. ;) Haha! Yeah, I'll wait! I'm super excited for that!!

My coat is GREAT and even breaks the heavy winds, so it was a perfect buy!! :D We are staying fairly warm, though it is tough on bikes...but we get "wife points" for suffering anyways, so it's all good. =D

As for pics, I lost my SD temporarily sooo I couldn’t take a pic of my new suits. :( BUT they are FANTASTIC!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! They are SO COOL! I hemmed the slacks myself too, so that was nice THANK YOU!

I got your letter from 3 Dec and it was GREAT! I loved the story with Corbin Allred in it, it taught a lot of different lessons in there. Thank you for that :) I also love getting the Thanksgiving pics in the letter. My crazy family. Wouldn’t trade ‘em for the world! <3 And YES, REALLY. Long underwear. Really, really. It is SO COLD HERE! In the evenings especially! And slacks are just NOT warm pants. Ha!

COOL NEWS! L. and K. are now investigators! :D We ran into L. a couple months ago, when I was with Elder N, and we never saw him after that. Then we went on splits recently and I went with a Brother in our ward to go to that neighborhood and we decided to go visit them and we ended up teaching them about the Restoration and they want to hear more! WOOP!

We also knocked into a less active brother, D., who we don’t have a record of and he came to church this Sunday and wants to keep coming!!!! So this week has been really good to us. We have been just working our butts off and praying when we literally cannot walk or bike another mile. Miracles are everywhere :)

The Y's have finally gotten back with us and we are planning on seeing them tomorrow at 7pm. :D Things are definitely looking up. I have a firm testimony that our weekly planning and change of attitude has played a HUGE role in this. I have had to rely on my Savior more than I ever have in my entire life. When I rely on Him, miracles happen and I can make it through the week. If I didn't rely on His arm and His Spirit, I'd probably be home right now, thinking how everything went wrong. Because of His hope and Pure Love I am here and going strong. Without Him I am nothing. WITH Him, anything is a possibility, and I just have to work hard. I want everyone to know what I know now. It is so important. And it's HAPPY! Who doesn't want happiness?? That is what missionary work comes to. Do you want your brothers and sisters to have the same happiness you do? Invite them to it. Simple. And yet so HARD!! WHY?!?! Because otherwise we wouldn’t have a purpose here. We have to fight the natural man and just INVITE!! The people in our ward, by Elder S’s and my invitation, will be taking a plate of cookies and a Book of Mormon to a neighbor or friend. Operation Cookie is a GO! We are encouraging everyone to just invite. That is all it takes. We'll take care of the “dirty work”!

I love my Savior. I love His gospel and the peace it brings to my heart. I will always stand as His witness, at all times, in all things, and in all places. Steadfast and immovable. Built upon the rock of our Redeemer. With Him, we are solid. Stand with Him. Love Him. He loves us.

I love you guys too. SO MUCH. I really do. I want nothing more than to be together forever. So I'm sharing that with everyone else I see. You know that awkward moment when you walk past someone and you think, “Oh, I already walked past them, that would be awkward to turn around. I'm past the point of no return.”?  Well....there is no point of no return for us. EVERYONE has to hear. We will take it to them.

K , I have to run now. I love you all! Take care for this week, and awesome, and invite! (I know you guys are already doing that, so keep it up! :) )

Elder Nine

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