Monday, December 30, 2013

Mission Letter Week 24 - 30 December 2013


So first of all, I am just fine and was more than okay after Skyping. I'll be honest, it was not very emotionally impactful in a sad way... just happy and exciting and then it was over and we went and talked to a couple of people we'd met the other day. :P So no, it didn't make me trunky or anything. I'm doin' dandy. :D  It was AWESOME to see you guys though!! I feel like there isn't much to talk about now- haha! We haven't had much in the way of teaching to do, but this week we will be meeting with all the people that said "after the holidays".... It is now after... time to let us into your homes and give us all your food!!....I mean, listen to a message…ahem...

Oh one more thing about Skype, I feel like I hung up a tad abruptly at the end and I just want you to know that I didn't mean to. :) We just had to get going, to get to work... So yeah!

The singing was awesome! Brother E took the Sally DeFord arrangement of “I Need Thee Every Hour” (same one I sang at my farewell) and went NUTS on it, making his own version! Haha. He was the band leader (or something or other) for the Osmonds for a long time (noooo biiiggg deeaaalll) and has lately not had a way to express his love for music (you know how we music lovers have to "express that" in a way others can hear it. :P ) So he took this as a chance to do that and it was AMAZING!

These last few weeks were definitely a challenge as we met with rejection after rejection with things like "we are REAL Christians" "We already know Jesus, you need to find someone else”, and other comments like these. I wish we could just instantly convey the love we feel for our brothers and sisters to these people we meet and the desire we have to share the gospel with them. Our message is for the believer and non-believer alike. People who say "We are Christian, we're good. BYE!”, do not understand what it means to be Christian or to be Christlike or to follow Jesus. Otherwise they would listen.  As President Hinckley stated, I don't understand why someone who claims to believe in Christ would not want more of Christ in their lives, their hearts and their homes. IT MAKES NO SENSE. So if we want to be true Christians, and this goes for EVERYONE, we need to truly be ready and willing to do what Christ would do, and then DO IT! We cannot sit idly by and say SURE I'm willing to do whatever God asks of me....and then continue to sit there. GET UP off your lazy MUB (bum spelled backwards, word of choice for the upcoming year) and DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! EVERYTHING! JUST DO IT! What gets you to do the will of the Father? Responsibility.  What gets you up off your lazy mub? RESPONSIBILITY. We have a responsibility to our God, and to our Savior to STAND and WORK. I cannot, must not and WILL not forsake Him. Don't be that key on the piano that goes dead during the concert. Don't be that person that says I am willing to do all things, and then turn and run at the face of responsibility. DON'T FORSAKE YOUR GOD.

That is what I have felt this week. That is what I have learned. And it's staying with me till the day I die and then onward. This doesn't end. There is no magical transition where one moment we are fighting and standing for what is right and the next we can just sit down. NO. We ALWAYS do what is right. We ALWAYS stand as a witness for Him, at all TIMES, in all THINGS, in all PLACES, and throughout all ETERNITIES...I added that last bit (about eternities) myself. ;P

Training might be the best thing in the is also the most high-risk and high-responsibility task there is as a missionary...I say this not to brag. It has been said many billions of times here already, that being a trainer is the biggest mission leadership position anyone can possibly hold. Why? Because it is on the trainers’ shoulders to teach the new missionary what is good and acceptable, what is not, how to find, teach, learn, study, live, grow, and work. Again, I "boast not of myself" but rather share this to explain what it is that I am doing right now. It is fun. It is exciting. And it is SCARY. Elder S’s mission will greatly depend on his first two transfers...I only hope that by the end of this transfer I will have imparted all my knowledge and goodness to him and none of the bad, and foolishness. We are representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ and it is not something to take lightly. Luckily I had possibly the best trainer in the mission, and some of the best missionary leaders right now.

That is very sad to hear about T's Grandfather passing away. :( Loosing family is tough but at least we know what happens next. I didn't know him...I don't think anyways...but I know some of that family like C and T, and I send my love that way.

Emily isn't going to go to any dances....that simply is not going to happen. NO. HAHA! just kidding, It'll be an awesome experience. There is honestly a lot to learn from going to things like dances. Social skills, dancing skills, pickin’-up-all-the-ladies skills.....wait a second...gah. I'm so full of myself it's silly....ANYWAYS!!

It was great talking to you guys and I'm waiting for that letter! :D Love you all! Give my best to everybody for the holidays, the new year, all that jazz.

Till next week,


Elder S opening some AWESOME Great Harvest foodses! Some of the BEST bread I've ever had, and a bunch of other incredible bakery treats and such! :)

Has no real description.... It's music okay? We're desperate and poor. Don't judge.

The moment when we realized what it was that President C. and his family got us :D

Some of the ties from the Ds. :D  Which one is the tie you were talking about?? (The one Brother D wore when he helped ordain me to the Melchizedek Priesthood and ordain me an Elder in the Church). The Donal Trump tie (red stripes) fits me better than any ties I have ever worn!!!

Elder S huddling down by the space heater. :D  TOOOAAASSSTTTYYY

Uhhh . . . .  Brother M. at his finest. :D

We played Scrabble SLAM! for a billion hours. . . SO much fun! We also played a dice-based game where you pretty much just roll for points and kinda "bet" with the points you already have. . . Also a ton of fun!

CHAMP!  Woof. . . .

Gift card moneysssss JACKPOT!!

Brother M. got a SWEET Glenn Beck Book, Miracles and Massacres. He's happy! :D

Sister M., K., and B., opening gifts and having a jolly old time. :)

 “That’s all folks!”

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and congrats to us for starting our “Golden Year” (the one and only full calendar year) on our missions as of Tuesday at midnight! WOOP!

Sending love to everyone back home,

Elders Nine and S

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