Monday, December 16, 2013

Mission Letter Week 22 - 16 December 2013


This week has been...interesting. Lots of door knocking and "carding" (sticking cards on doors after 830pm because otherwise people answer with guns, knives, angry dogs, and screaming wives… awkward), and a lot of dropped investigators. Namely investigators who we haven’t met with in a long time because they won’t stay in contact with us of them is the Y family. :( They are "really busy" over the holidays so we are dropping them until January. So we are left with not very many people to teach which leads to a lot of finding-time! YAY bike ridiiinnnggg the night...... WHOOPIIEEE! :D

B T DUBS, I am totally singing in Sacrament (our main worship service) on the 29th!  :D  I couldn’t do Christmas Sunday because it was already booked, so I am just going to do the Sally DeFord arrangement of "I Need Thee Every Hour", the same one I sang for my farewell! So that will be absolutely mind-blowing as only Brother E., the equivalent to Bro. F. here, has heard me sing. :D Bwahahahaha! Okay, maybe a tad full of myself what if I love to sing, judge me I dare you! ;)

I'd like to share a nice experience with you.  Mama, when I read that part in your letter a week or two or seventeen ago (losing track of days again) when you said something like "those moments when the chips are down and things are slow it's a good time to take a step back, look at where you are and where you stand..." etc, and I just love that. It has really helped me focus this week as the holidays are rolling in and no one seems interested. I have taken this time to see where I stand with my Heavenly Father. So far so good.

HOLY COW.  WHO SENT THE NUTELLA? SWEET GLORIOUS MOTHER OF ALL NUTELLA.  HOLY NUTELLA BATMAN.  NOOOMMMM NOM NOM NOM!! is that what the question was for in your letter??  HOLY COW. WHHHAAAAA!!!!!! I'm gonna need help finishing it ‘cuz it'll go bad before I can! :D THAAANNNKKK YYYOOOUUU!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I don't have much for this week, wish I did though.

I am doing fantastic and having a great time. I am STOKED for Christmas! :D

Sorry, still haven't found my SD card, so all I have is the one pic that Elder S  took at the T’s at dinner a few nights ago...we had papoosas …. or however you spell that. :P (pupusas) It’s Salvadoran. :D FANTASTIC! I still have a couple places to look for my SD card I haven’t checked yet but "things are looking grim" (British accent for the quotes there.)

Kay gotta run.  I'm gonna type up those letters and then I'm out. :P

Love you guys!!!!!!!!

 Elder Nine

Here we are with the T. family after eating dinner at their place. We ate Salvadoran Pupusas...YUMMMM!!!!

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