Monday, December 23, 2013

Mission Letter Week 23 - 23 December 2013


WE ARE SKYPING IN TWO DAYS - WHAAA!!!! We will be at the M. home...hopefully you 'll get to see them on Skype. :D They are just AWESOME! :)

Sounds like you guys are having a blast right now! We are too over here. It's definitely not like back home as we are proselyting all the time still...and still have to work Christmas day till 9pm like every other day.......WIFE POINTS. YUS. Hahaha! But really, we are having a blast. Caroling as a missionary is like, easily, the BEST thing ever! Yep.

I have not gotten any envelopes yet so I hope I get them today. :D But I DID get the packages!!! I accidentally opened the wrong one though :'( ............... HA JUST KIDDING!!! I only opened the one that had #2/2 on it and I LOVE the story book and the oils! :D Ooohhhh the oils. Sweet mama of all oil loving. I was vacuuming the apartment the other day 'cuz  it was super gross and dusty cause we live on a dirt lot, LOL, and something in my back pinched. It was pretty scary at first cause it was the same pain as my old back pains... Yikes. But, after a Priesthood blessing and some essential oils I was back in working shape by the next day. My muscles and nerves were in a spaz the rest of that day ‘cuz they were as scared as me haha. But Elder M, the medical…dude....senior-missionary-in-charge-of-"ouch-I-hurt-my-back" helped me out and gave me some ideas. Plus the blessing and oils, I was SET! :D It still aches a bit but I'm not worried about it. :)

Next week I will send you a picture of the will be shall see when you yeah.

ORLI IS SO CUTE :D and soooo BIG!!! Holy Big Baby BATMAN!!

We found a family while caroling and they may turn into progressing investigators this or next week.  >:D They are really nice and liked having us in their home so we hope to get back in to talk with them again. :) This week has also been great with the members in R.V.. We have started doing "missionary moments" at the beginning of Priesthood (yes, I brought that over here from our ward in Plano!) And we had THREE in one day! More than we have had in a while so it was great. Even the Young Men are getting more excited about doing missionary work! We have been going on splits almost every week and also visiting members and talking to them about Christmas and missionary work...When the members get involved things are just easier. Less stressful for sure. :) It relieves a burden that sometimes the missionaries don't even realize is there. We have to work together. SAME TEAM! SAME TEAM! When members realize this, that is when things start to roll. :)

Kay that’s all for now, talk to you guys on Wednesday! :D LOVE YOU!

Elder Nine

Elder Nine and Elder S getting into the Christmas Spirit!  Love this pic!

A more serious and pretty Christmas photo with one of their favorite families who feeds them often. (LDS missionaries depend on others for their daily dinners, or go without.)
Elder Nine's companion - The awesome selfie of Elder S. Love this pic too!

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