Monday, December 2, 2013

Mission Letter Week 20 - 02 December 2013

OH MY GOSH! I don't even know. Thanksgiving was awesome of course!! We went to the V. home and had a Thanksgiving dinner there. :D  Bro V. is not a member but basically acts like one. Haha. It was a good time and we even helped move a couch upstairs...just can't get away from moving large heavy things up an impossible set of stairs...but I guess it’s OK. :p

Mama, I did get the letter, but only because it counts as a "package". We get packages on Sundays apparently, but not regular envelopes.  So I totally did get it, but I only had a chance to skim over it. I LOVED the drawings Emi sent! And I bragged to my District today about it! :)

I'm SUPER sorry I totally forgot to ask Bro V. to take a pic on his phone and send it. :( I feel bad. Truly. I know how much you guys like pics. I will do better about that. :)

For Christmas, right now, I'm honestly pretty content....except maybe for some long underwear!  I could go for a couple of those. The nights are getting into the 20's now and being out till 9 is COLD! :P So that’s pretty much it though. Music is a great emotional helper I have found. As I listen to music that is good (spiritual) it REALLY  helps a lot in just making things happier! But I'm pretty satisfied with everything I have.

I WOULD LOVE THE CHRISTMAS STORY BINDER!! :D That is the best idea I have ever heard!!  YUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry so many "!!!"

We have had to drop a lot of our investigators this week, unfortunately. It was hard, but we now know who is and is not ready to progress. The Y. family is still doing good although they headed out of town for a bit, but they are back now, so hopefully they can find time to have us over. :D They are our most progressing investigators.  Bro V. is, as well, but his process is going to be a slower one. :/  Sometimes I wish I could hit people over the back of the head and say "You know it's true!!!! JUST LIVE IT!!!!" ‘Cuz sometimes it feels like that's all they need! But I cannot go around hitting everyone…*sadface* ;)

I wish I had a lot more to talk about every week, but with the holidays rolling in we've been struggling just to fill our time up doing something productive and inspired.

I'm attaching some pics from about a week ago :D

In this pic Elder S and I are standing with Bro H., our ward mission to his water heater.

 So here's the story behind it. About 2 and a half weeks ago we had dinner planned with the H.’s and we called Bro H. that afternoon to confirm our plans. He picks us up and I ask him about dinner that night and he pauses. “Uhhh, actually Elders, I'm sorry but I have to cancel, my water heater is leaking and I have to fix it because my kids need warm water and I can't even afford the labor for someone to come install it. Really sorry.” So I chuckle. Bro H. says "Elder, this isn't really a funny thing”. So I say, "NOOOO it's not...but the fact that I'm coming over in an hour after our plans are through, to help you install that heater is rather amusing to me”. Another pause… "Is this another bad joke, Elder?” "NOPE! See ya at 6 o’clock Bro H.!" And so we went to Bro H.’s and he drove us to Lowe’s and I help him pick out everything he needed, tools, water heater, hardware, etc, we brought it back and I literally taught my ward mission leader how to install a water heater. From the Teflon tape to the soldering. :D And besides the cost of the water heater, it only cost $ that saved him around……..$500! :D I'll send some pics of the soldering that I, and Brother H. too, did after this. :D

Alrighty I'm about out of time so I'm actually going to send that other email now. I love you guys! Thanks for the help and support! Prayers are always helpful!! :D Love you, bye!

Here are some pics of the soldering we did...look how beautifully it was done too.

Beautiful Soldering Part 1

Beautiful Soldering Part 2

The burn mark on the wall from holding the blow torch at the wrong angle.

So Brak, all those times when it seemed like I wasn't paying attention to when you were fixing the water heater....I was! :D And thank you. Thank you for being AWESOME and teaching me the ways of much awesomeness and attractiveness! It paid off.

The burn mark on the back of the wall was Bro H. with a bad angle on the blow torch. :P

I didn't bring the long letter with me so I'm sorry if I didn't reply to everything in it...or anything...but I did get it and I still love y’all! :) BYE!

Elder Nine

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