Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Mama! I LOVE YOU!!

Mom's Note: Elder Nine remembered it was going to be my birthday last week AFTER having emailed on P-day.  So he got special permission from the mission president to email me a short Happy Birthday message the following day. I had not expected him to remember my birthday, especially after having gone through the roughest month he has had since entering the mission field.

Imagine my surprise when I saw his email come through!  

His perfect email said:

"I got a couple spare minutes to type this up for you mama!! I LOVE YOU!!! Happy Birthday to my favoritest mama in the whole wide world! :D Thank you for being such an incredible angel of a woman. I dedicate the song "Angels" by Randy Travis to you right go listen to it. :) Thank you for being my guide, my example, my friend, and never failing support. There is no love like a mother's love, and especially no love like yours. I love you dearly.

I have to keep it short...I hope my words are enough even though they are not!"

I may or may not have cried...... buckets. And I may or may not have listened to that song a few times..... over and over again.

I wanted to capture his gift, one of the best ever. So I chose some pictures of him and me as he grew up and set it to Randy Travis' "Angels". I created the video as if it were from Elder 9's perspective, not mine. I share it here not to brag but to share the joy it brings me that my son did this for me. I love him, miss  him, and am so proud of him and the way he is serving the Lord. I am blessed to be his mother. 

Enjoy the video. 

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