Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mission Letter Week 63 - 29 September 2014

Email #1:


Thank you for the Spring Creek BBQ!!!…. :)

Sorry, I wanted to get the freaking-out done before I typed words so the words can actually make sense! :D

Sister W took pics (with her CANON EOS 5D MARK III BTW, which I got to use at a little ward Disney Piano/Singing recital thingy. That camera....oh it made me melt....,) but at the time I wasn’t feeling too good....... b problems :P - but I was better by that night so I could eat. :D (I looked in the Essential Oils booklet haha the eucalyptus worked great XD)


~ Elder 9

Email #2:

I’m staying [in this area]!! But I will be getting a new comp!! Elder Eisele is staying and Elder Harper is leaving the area. So. Fun stuff...

Yes, all the food got here in one piece and even the sauce made it!! Everything was okay! (I know because I ate it all! :D ) I offered some to Elder Ray but he turned it down......his loss, more for me. :D hahaha

I am feeling much better. I had a REALLY tough week with bad allergies, bm's and other things but I’m in working order again (I say as my stomach groans just now...)

Yes, your letter made it. :D LOVED IT!! I got a good one from Sister Balley too…well, all your guys' letters are always great haha...Do you know that  Sister Balley writes me just about as much as you do?? That woman is incredible. :)

The work has been slow, for obvious reasons, but with this new transfer I have set some goals, personal ones to help me get moving, and I am highly expecting to see a lot of miracles. :) This will be exciting!

I am so glad you had a good birthday weekend mama. :) It makes me happy when you are happy!! And I can’t wait to hear some of those records when I get back!! One that I’m really looking forward to is the whipped cream dress one! [mom's note: I have some old records that belonged to my parents and one of them has a cover where there is a woman in a dress that looks like it's made out of whipped cream.]  IDK if I’ve ever heard it, but I liked whipped cream, so it must be great. :3 So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!

Emmie E. is on her mission!! WHOOOOO!! I’m gonna try to shoot her an email and see how things are!! Maybe she got to smell the cream soda tree [in the MTC]!! :D

Emily, sounds like you and daddy are having a bit of a prank war!! XD That’s silly!!...Make sure you get him good....

Sounds like you did a good job with helping make Mama’s birthday - super awesome too!! :)

I love you bunches Emily, thank you for writing me all the time and just being awesome! It’s always good to hear from you and Mama and Daddy. Love you guys bunches!


I have a question...what are the requirements to do wood badge??

I hope Emily gets to go to trek...but even if not, she will get to go later...and if she goes twice then sweetness. I think it generally can mean a little more when a person goes later because you can internalize things a little more, just because.. :P

I love you guys dearly! Thank you for the great mail and the loads of love. :) I will send some pics in a bit. :)

~ Elder 9

 Opening of the Special Comfort Package from Home - Elder 9's Favorite: SPRING CREEK BBQ!
A couple of sweet and kind ladies in Bakersfield helped me do this by accepting the package their home, delivering it to him, and then taking these awesome pics of him receiving/opening it.
SO SO SO grateful for kind, generous friends who don't mind helping a mom out to get a much needed "gift of love" from home!
THANK YOU, ladies! :)

Elder Monzon (Zone Leader) and Elder Flint (District Leader) (not companions)

P-day at the Park

Elder Geren, Elder Monzon, and me (they are my Zone Leaders)

More photos that came in from some thoughtful folks that took these on transfer day.

yep, that's my boys left side of the head, right above the blond sister's head. 
I know, we missionary moms are pathetic sometimes-
deal with it. ;)
We love and miss our missionaries.

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